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Broadband Designed For Schools

  • Design your service to suit your school community

    Every school has its own unique requirements. With SWGfL you can shape your Schools Internet Service to suit the needs of your school and Multi Academy Trust.

    Whether it's customising your filtering, configuring your firewall, or increasing your bandwidth, you get to tailor your service to meet your needs.

  • Flex to your requirements

    Our network is equipped to cater for the levels of predicted growth of internet usage in schools. We always keep at least 20% capacity available in our core network ensuring your service is always uncongested.

    We don't apply limits to bandwidth, which means your school can take full advantage of the Internet.

  • Reliability by Design

    Our dual mirrored data-centres in TeleHouse and TeleCity in London ensure that in the event of a major issue, your service will still be available.

    We also provide a backup connectivity solution free of charge*

    *Subject to connection type

  • The best possible solution, at the best possible price

    We use our aggregated purchasing power to buy connections from the major telecoms providers and pass the savings on to you, working on your behalf to get the best possible solutions for schools.

    And because we are a not-for-profit charitable trust, we can provide you the best possible price.

  • Essential Safety and Security as standard

    We ensure no access to illegal content including IWF CAIC and Online Terror Content. Attempts to access illegal content are proactively monitored with unique links to Police and expert support in an emergency.

    Our centralised industry standard firewalls protect all network services, our state of the art intrusion detection and prevention systems provide an unprecedented level of protection against malicious attacks, and you can choose to customise your firewall rules without the overhead and risk of managing the equipment in school.

We are passionate about supporting schools to advance educational outcomes through the use of safe, secure and appropriate online technologies. We bring a unique mix of education, procurement, online safety and technical expertise, and have been providing connectivity solutions exclusively to the education sector for over 16 years.

ICT is now truly embedded in the curriculum and your Internet connection is an essential part of teaching and learning. Online technologies have introduced BYOD, cloud services and streaming media, with the Internet at the centre of this digital world it is now more important than ever that you have a service that you can rely on.

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Multi Academy Trusts

How can we support you and your Multi Academy Trust?

As more and more schools convert to Academy status or become federated, being able to connect you together privately AND safely is essential. We can offer Virtual Private Networks, allowing multiple schools to connect together remotely. We offer you a safe, secure network to share services and resources. You can feel safe knowing your network is with SWGfL.

We can also offer discounts for MAT accounts with a number of our subscription products such as Online Safety BOOST and 360data.

Converting to a MAT?

Call the SIS team on 0345 601 3203 to discuss your requirements, use the contact form or email

"Our new broadband connection has made a real difference to our school. It’s given the staff the confidence to move forward with cloud based teaching and learning. We now have an Internet connection we can trust and are used to it ‘just working’." - Manor Park Primary, Dorset
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