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SWGfL has a global reputation in online safety. We have been shaping policy and curriculum in the UK and beyond for over 15 years and, as a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, represent one of 31 Safer Internet Centres in the Insafe network, working to make Europe a safer place for young people to be online.


Alongside all this we also operate the Professionals Online Safety Helpline. A helpline dedicated to supporting staff with online safety issues in schools and youth settings. We work closely with social media partners, so we know their privacy and safety features first hand and often help to shape them. As a result of working so closely with both industry and staff who are managing incidents, our training will always reflect the latest trends and concerns in online safety. 


We work closely with UK and international governments delivering online safety training to professionals across the globe, including Her Majesty’s School Inspectors from Ofsted. We are proud to be a world leader in online safety and have an unrivalled pool of knowledge and expertise to draw on.


So, in SWGfL you get online safety training that is up-to-date, led by experts, fully compliant with government guidance on using external visitors to support online safety education, influential to the point of shaping and reflecting policy, and – perhaps most importantly – engaging and exciting!