Online Safety BOOST

The award winning innovative Online Safety Toolkit that safeguards you and your school...

When it comes to online safety, what standards are desirable and attainable? Compliance is the only way forward, not negligence. And staff training can be one of the weakest links, according to Ofsted.

Our Online Safety BOOST package brings you extra empowerment and support to deal with the challenges, official or otherwise. Think of it as a small investment for great results.


Bett Award Winner 2015"Full and effective support on the use of the product is provided with online training and advice. BOOST is a very useful and innovative online safety solution offering good value for money." Bett Award judges

Online Safety BOOST

Boost Infographic

Thank you for all those Boost users who filled in our recent survey – take a look at our latest Boost Inforgraphic representing your feedback:

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Reputation Alerts

“Good to know all the positive comments - but will be invaluable to know if something is wrong.”


“To have this service is excellent. We have yet to receive any reports on it, but the fact it is there fills me with confidence. Pupils are happy to report things face to face currently, but they know they don't have to if they are reserved.”

Incident Response Tool

“Really useful to have a proper response strategy”

“Good toolkit that is very comprehensive”

Presentations & Resources

“This is good to have in one place - time saving!”

"Brilliant presentation resources”

“Really good resources here - impressed.”

Help & Support

“SWGfL Online Safety Team work hard and support the schools very well."

“Highly efficient and excellent support from SWGfL.”

“We have phoned for advice once and recieved some excellent advice. To know that someone is there who may be able to assist us in an investigation or advise us is very comforting.”

Professional Development

“High quality delivery, thought-provoking and immensely enlightening.”

“Information and support from the team has been good”

You can get all this for only £210 per year

Better still if you have a SWGfL Broadband connection, it is only £125 per year (simply enter the voucher code "SWGfLSchoolBOOST" when prompted in the checkout)*

SWGfL AlertsReputation Alerts

Easily monitor online content referencing your school with email alerts and an online dashboard.

Increasingly parents are selecting schools based on the information they find online often in open forums. This new service uses leading online and social media alerting tools from market specialists to bring intelligence– positive and negative –directly to you. Don’t stick your head in the sand; know what people are writing about you and your school.

SWGfL WhisperWhisper

The service designed for your school community to report issues to you anonymously directly from your website.

Schools who provide effective support for their pupils have a range of reporting routes and yet children are often reluctant to report directly to an adult. Whisper simply and instantly installs a report button on your school website that enables you to capture those reports anonymously. And by SMS too. The report box can be customised with your text and school logo and links to a nominated school email address. Turn “bystanders” into “upstanders”.

Incident Response ToolIncident Response Tool

An interactive tool to manage incidents with the right device and evidence to ensure compliance.

When an incident occurs, making sure you do the right thing is more than a just a matter of safeguarding; getting it wrong could expose your school to challenge or litigation. The Generation Safe™ incident response tool developed by lawyers and child protection experts, enables you to map the response process with helpful timescales, escalation routes and evidence. It provides interactive guidance at each stage and templates for recording and reporting incidents to achieve a consistent and compliant response.

Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development

Exclusive unlimited access to free live webinars with SWGfL experts.

Research together with OFSTED observation suggests that staff training remains consistently the weakest area of school online safety policy and practice. Finding relevant and accessible training for staff can be both challenging and expensive. With BOOST you get unlimited access to a host of expert-led webinars that cover a broad spectrum of online safety spects that you know will be up-to-date and engaging. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own school; just plug in.

Presentations & ResourcesPresentations & Resources

Unique training materials for you to empower your own staff development and ensure you remain current.

So many schools go to the expense of having external inservice training sessions. We've thought about this and published all our presentation materials together with links and speaker notes so you can do this yourself. Better still, we will keep these updated so you can be sure you are sharing the very latest information with your wider staff. BOOST benefits both from shortcuts to our favourite resources as well as our new digital literacy curriculum, saving you time and effort in finding the right resource that provides children with the right competency, at the right age.

Help & SupportHelp & Support

Email and telephone support for your online safety incident accessing our wide range of experts.

Making a wrong decision at times of stress can be so easy and often makes a bad situation a whole lot worse, especially prevalent where online safety situations are concerned. Our specialists are only a call away from helping advise in such circumstances and guide you through managing these issues. Having expert intervention and support on tap to help out in moments of crisis will help you make the right decisions that will benefit you, your school and your children.