Cyber Security Checklist for Schools 

Best practices to protect your school against cyber security threats and attacks

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A successful cyber attack has the potential to greatly impact upon an educational establishment. As education establishments continue to remain a target for attack they should ensure they put cyber and information security as the number one item on the risk register. Results from our 2022 Cyber Security in UK Schools report discloses that educational establishments continue to lack resilience against cyber and information security risks:

It is therefore essential that schools prioritise cyber security to protect all members of their community. To help with this, we have outlined some key messages and practices for schools.

How Can You Protect Your School from Cyber Attacks?

Fortunately for schools, cyber security doesn't have to be as complicated as it may sound. A lot of practices are basic and can effectively protect your school. Take a look at the points below. Consider them as a checklist of things to address when it comes to reviewing your cyber security. (Click on the buttons for more info)

Treat your cyber security as if it was a utility – you can’t function without your core data systems, so spend time, money and effort protecting them.

Schools are able to protect themselves without having to spend vast amounts of money and some of these practices do not cost anything.

If you need support in managing your cyber security practice take a look at our security page below 

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