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Get ready for the new school year by getting the latest online safety guidance to support your return

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Is there a brand new school year ahead? Coming back to school is often a time to think ahead and plan for the following months, but it’s also a good time to look back and reflect on the previous year. Let’s face it, there are a lot of considerations to take into account when ensuring your school is doing everything they can to stay safe online.

Although we can't help with remembering a new classroom full of names, we understand that going back to school can be a stressful time for many. Take a look at our ‘Back to School’ hub and get the latest guidance and resources to support you in making the transition back.

Back to School – What To Remember

Depending on how your students have spent their summers, there’s no doubt that going online probably played a significant part. Without Maths and English to worry about, students would have been enjoying their time with social media and gaming whilst potentially having more time and freedom online than they did before. Without schools educating around safer internet practice for the summer, some key considerations may have slipped under the radar during this time. 

As students make their way back to learning environments, it is up to schools to ensure that they have the correct policy and practice in place to protect those within the school community.

Opportunities for Back to School

Take this time to review what you can improve upon. Look at areas that didn’t quite work or areas you thought needed more time and focus. Consider the following opportunities you could take on for the new school year.

The Transition Back 

Around this time, students may have trouble taking a step back from their internet use after a long summer. It’s important for schools to be aware that new trends and apps may be making significant waves amongst students and associated online challenges may be more visible on their return. Ensure that students know the appropriate behaviours around using devices at school. As well, show them that they can come to you for support relating to any online concern they may be having.

Transitioning back to school can be difficult and can be considered a stressful time for many young people; make sure you know how best to support students on their return and start the new school year feeling prepared and up to speed.

Considerations for Back to School

Understanding what new challenges may be present on the return to school can help better prepare you for responding to any incidents or concerns. Consider the below as areas you may want to address:

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