Check Your Internet Connection Blocks Child Abuse & Terrorist Content

Schools in England and Wales have statutory obligations to keep children safe from particular types of content, this tool will check the correct filtering is in place

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Test Your Internet Filter

Test FIltering LogoSchools in England and Wales are required “to ensure children are safe from terrorist and extremist material when accessing the internet in school, including by establishing appropriate levels of filtering”.

Furthermore, the Department for Education’s statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ obliges schools and colleges in England to ensure appropriate filters and appropriate monitoring systems are in place and regularly review their effectiveness” and they “should be doing all that they reasonably can to limit children’s exposure to the above risks from the school’s or college’s IT system however, schools will need to be careful that “over blocking” does not lead to unreasonable restrictions as to what children can be taught with regards to online teaching and safeguarding.”

This utility will test the filtering lists in place.

Test My Internet Connection Now