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An ad-free search engine designed specifically for kids who are taking their first steps on the internet

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What is Swiggle?

Swiggle is a search engine designed to provide a safer environment for kids taking their first steps on the road to safe online searching.

Powered by Google Custom Search, the results are filtered using Google SafeSearch and educational resources prioritised.  We also filter the search terms to check that Swiggle is not being used to search for inappropriate content.

Swiggle is Designed for Kids

Having Swiggle as the default search engine in your classroom ensures that young children's search environment is safer; safer to experiment with different search strings; safer to browse image or content results.

It’s a safe sandpit to develop those skills before progressing on to more open and transparent online search engines like Google or Bing.

Browse the Internet Safely

Swiggle has been designed from the ground up with the safety of its users in mind. We have developed a number of features to reduce the exposure of users to inappropriate content and give them the tools and skills required to deal with it if they do happen to access some:

  • Active blocking of inappropriate search strings
  • Education focussed search results
  • Google SafeSearch technology
  • Active list of blocked sites
  • Easy to access reporting tools
  • Screen Cover tool enables kids to block content and get help
  • Searching and reporting help from the SwiggleBot

Why Choose Swiggle?

Schools, teachers and parents want to have confidence that young people have a safe learning environment and they have the tools and skills required to access the wider internet safely.

There are a number of search engines geared towards this demographic, and most are driven by Google Custom Search, as Swiggle is. However, most have only done simple customisation, and are monetised through advertising.

We have developed Swiggle from the ground up with the child's safe online experience in mind, using our 20 years of expertise in safeguarding young people online. Its ad-free and free to use.

While no kids safe search engine can prevent access to everything that's inappropriate, and allow access to everything educational and beneficial, we've worked hard to balance this and provide a safe kids search engine that's free of advertising and free to use.

Install our browser extension to enable Swiggle as your default search engine on your device or in the classroom.

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