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PSTN Lines

If you need a new line to support your SWGfL service (ADSL or FttC solution), SWGfL can help you arrange this. Current charges are £109 for the installation of the line (referred to as ‘setup’) and £132 per year for the rental of the line (excluding any calls made).

Installation is subject to survey, and the charges above only cover works within the standard BT Openreach installation scope.

PSTN Lines are subject to a minimum twelve month initial term. Cancellation of any PSTN Line within this minimum initial term will require payment of any outstanding Charges. Cancellation of any PSTN Line outside of this minimum initial term will require 30 days’ notice in writing to SWGfL.

Lead times vary, but are typically three to six weeks from receipt of valid purchase order.

If you have any queries regarding PSTN lines or need to place a PSTN line order, please contact the SWGfL Schools Internet Services team on 0345 601 3203 or sis@swgfl.org.uk

What is a PSTN Line? Why do I need one?

A PSTN (public switched telephone network) line is a telephone line that can be utilised for internet connectivity to provision an ADSL or FttC (Fibre to the Cabinet) superfast broadband connection.

All ADSL and FttC solutions  (whether from SWGfL or someone else) require a telephone line (referred to as a PSTN line).

This line needs to be a standard BT analogue telephone line with a ‘master socket’ within reach of your SWGfL CPE and your local network; contact the SWGfL SIS Team for guidance (sis@swgfl.org.uk) if you’re not sure whether your line meets this criteria.

How do I get a PSTN for my internet service?

There are 3 options for sourcing a PSTN line:

  1. Via SWGfL
  2. Utilising a current PSTN line (telephone line) 
  3. Arranging  your own PSTN line purchase and installation

Option 1: via SWGfL

SWGfL can arrange for a PSTN line to be installed on your behalf at the cost of £109 setup and £132 annual charge (excluding any calls).

The minimum term is twelve months, and SWGfL will invoice on a financial year (April to March) basis.

SWGfL will require a purchase order and location information at point of order.

Option 2: utilising a current PSTN line

You may be able to utilise a telephone line that you currently have if it meets the following criteria:

  • The master socket terminates within two metres of your existing network equipment (or the desired location of new network equipment)
  • The master socket is sufficiently close to mains power supply (plug socket) to power the network equipment
  • The line is not being used for another service (e.g. alarms, faxes)

If you require assistance, SWGfL can advise on the suitability of your current PSTN line.

Option 3: arranging your own PSTN line

You can source your own PSTN line as long as it meets the  criteria stipulated above for option 2.

PSTN Lines for Backup Connectivity

SWGfL can provide a range of connectivity backup services via ADSL or FttC connections (dependent on connectivity options in your area) and these, like primary services, will run over a PSTN line.

PSTN Line Terms

For the terms applicable to PSTN Lines, click here.