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Safe, secure, supported Internet, designed specifically for schools

Speak to us about your Internet Services

Speak to us about your Internet Services

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A line drawing of a treeWe have every type of broadband technology to connect your school to the SWGfL network, and we use our aggregated purchasing power to buy the connections from the major telecoms providers and pass the savings on to you.

And because we are a not-for-profit charity, we can provide you the best possible price.

Our network is equipped to cater for the high levels of predicted bandwidth growth in schools. We always keep at least 20% capacity available in our core network to ensure your service is uncongested.

And we don't apply bandwidth limits or caps, so your school can take full advantage of the broadband connection and access the Internet without bottlenecks.

Safety and Security

We ensure that illegal content (including IWF and CTIRU Online Terror Content) is blocked. What’s more, attempts to access illegal content are proactively monitored with unique links to Police and expert support in an emergency.

The filtering also comes with customisable rules, user-based filtering and enhanced reporting.

Our centralised enterprise grade firewalls protect all network services and our state of the art intrusion detection and prevention systems provide an unprecedented level of protection against malicious attacks. You can customise your firewall rules without the overhead and risk of managing the equipment in school.

Service and Support

The Schools Internet Service (SIS) comes as standard as a fully supported service: any technical problems are handled by the expert RM Education Service Desk; changes are done quickly by skilled engineers (usually within 24 hours), and highly experienced teams manage the network to keep everything running smoothly.

We are passionate about supporting schools to advance educational outcomes through the use of safe, secure and appropriate online technologies. We bring a unique mix of education, procurement, online safety, security and technical expertise, and have been providing connectivity solutions exclusively to the education sector for 20 years.

You can design your Schools Internet Service to suit your school community. Every school has its own unique requirements, and with SWGfL you can shape your Service to suit the needs of your school, federation or Multi Academy Trust.

Whether it's customising your filtering, configuring your firewall, or increasing your bandwidth, you get to tailor your service to meet your needs. We can quickly create virtual networks (VPNs) to connect schools together, and we have optional services like secure remote access and cloud backup too.

Working with SWGfL provides the Trust with a single point of contact, they understand our schools and the problems we face.

Carol Chapman - Chief Operating Officer First Federation