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We’ve put together a media pack to help make it as easy as possible for partners to spread the word about Report Harmful Content and all the support it provides. We hope this will provide you with everything you need to be able to support launches online and in your respective networks.

General Information

Report Harmful Content (RHC) is a national service that encourages anyone to report harmful content online by providing advice on how to report harm online to industry platforms, including links to the correct reporting channels, and offering mediatory support where the correct reports have already been made to industry. Having received a report, RHC will either explain and justify the providers reply or provide further assistance and representation to action the harmful content as required. Report Harmful Content:

  • Provides information on community standards
  • Directs victims to provider reporting mechanisms
  • Provides recourse for victims/ witnesses
  • Provides mediatory support encouraging industry to take action against 8 types of harmful content online

Report Harmful Content Annual Report 2022

The latest report looks at data between April 1st 2021 and November 30th 2022 with a total of 2195 reports being received within this time. As previous research has already indicated, bullying and harassment remains the most common type of reported online harm (754 cases) followed by pornography (532) and then impersonation (307). 

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Social Media Support

We will be continuously promoting the launch over the coming days through our social media channels. Please do like and share content from SWGfL and RHC channels on social media using the handles @reportHC or @SWGfL_Official: You find all of our channels right here:

Report Harmful Content: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

SWGfL: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin

Should you wish to tweet about this, some example tweets can be found below.

  • Report Harmful Content have released their latest report which takes an in-depth look into findings and cases between 2021 - 2022. Amongst many findings, this research highlights that the most common reported harm during this time was bullying and harassment. Download the report for free.   

  • New research from Report Harmful Content gives a strong insight into the online harm landscape and why an impartial dispute resolution service is needed, now more than ever. Discover more from the new Report Harmful Content report.  

  • Report Harmful Content have launched a new report which highlights the online harms that were being reported to the service throughout 2021 - 2022. Bullying and harassment, pornography, and impersonation were the most prevalent reported harms during this time.   

  • Report Harmful Content have launched a new report, giving great insight into the online harms that were prevalent throughout 2021 - 2022. Significantly, the report indicates the strong need for the support that Report Harmful Content provides. Download the report from our website.  


Report Harmful Content Button

We’ve recently developed a new downloadable button for organisations to place on their website allowing easy access to the reporting part of the Report Harmful Content. Essentially, implementing this on your website will provide quick access to reporting legal but harmful material for all your website users.

The initial thought behind this is that many young people still in education may want to access reporting routes whilst at an establishment (school, uni campus etc), have ready access to reporting options from support services they are engaging with, or be able to find them when in the privacy of their own home/ accommodation. Equally, staff may want similar access to reporting routes but not know where to look. Having this readily available button facilitates that.

However we think the initiative provides a really quick win for any organisation wanting to show that they’re doing a bit more to tackle online safety issues and enabling this route to be easily accessible for any of their website users.

Download Button

Report Harmful Content Button Social Media 

#Lawfulbutawful #RHCbutton @reportHC @SWGfL_Official @UK_SIC

  • Report Harmful Content @report HC has a reporting button for organisations and education settings to use on their websites! This vital tool will now allow internet users to get advice and report legal material that is inappropriate or harmful. Discover more #lawfulbutawful #RHCbutton
  • If your organisation would like to join the fight against inappropriate and harmful online content, you can now install the Report Harmful Content button onto your website. Keep your audience protected, by visiting @reportHC #lawfulbutawful #RHCbutton 
  • The @reportHC has launched a vital reporting tool, the Report Harmful Content Button! Organisations and education settings can now upload the button onto their website and signpost users to the reporting platform. Organisations can now work towards keeping the spread of legal but harmful material away from their users. #lawfulbutawful #RHCbutton