CyberSecure Check for Schools

A comprehensive tool designed to assist schools in reviewing and enhancing their cyber and information security policies and practices

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CyberSecure logoThis innovative new tool will help support schools with their cybersecurity practices and support policy development. CyberSecure Check for Schools works very similarly to our award-winning online safety self-review tool 360Safe, providing schools with a framework to self-assess against and work towards improvement.

The CyberSecure Check for Schools framework has been developed in collaboration with the DfE and cyber security experts, transferring expertise into the hands of English schools.

What is CyberSecure Check for Schools?

CyberSecure Check for Schools is a comprehensive tool designed to assist schools in reviewing and enhancing their cyber and information security policies and practices. This tool is particularly relevant in the context of the increasing volume of cyber-attacks, such as ransomware, which has posed significant risks towards the education sector over many years. Here's an in-depth look at CyberSecure Check for Schools: 

  1. How Does it Work?: CyberSecure Check for Schools is a free self-assessment tool specifically for schools. It is designed to help school leaders be proactive and better informed about their institution's cyber resilience. The tool allows schools to self-assess their current cyber and information security provisions, providing a structure to categorise safety and security levels, ranging from level 0 (most basic) to level 5 (most aspirational)​​​​. 
  1. How Do I Navigate It?: The tool is organised into elements, strands, and aspects, with each aspect featuring six level statements. Users can select a rating from 0 to 5 for each aspect, with 5 indicating the highest level of achievement. The review dashboard offers an overview of progress, including a radar graph that shows selected levels for each aspect, the current national level, and recommended benchmark levels. This structure facilitates an instant assessment of areas needing improvement​​. 
  1. Who is This For?: CyberSecure Check for Schools is suitable for any school setting, including multi-academy trusts, and is beneficial regardless of the establishment's size. By using this tool, schools can work to strengthen their defenses against cyber-attacks. It is designed to be accessible to both experts and non-experts, offering guidance and action plans for improvement based on the current assessment. The tool also emphasises the importance of evaluating the risk posed by supply chain attacks, where trusted suppliers may inadvertently become conduits for cyber threats​​​​. 
  1. How Does it Help Us to Improve?: After selecting a level for each aspect, the tool presents relevant improvement actions. Users can enter commentary on their current position, provide evidence, and outline an action plan for enhancements. Progress in each aspect is calculated based on the selected level and the commentary entered​​. 

Cyber Secure: Cyber Security Check up for Schools Webinars

If you attended one of our webinars, you can catch up with the presentation and all useful links provided throughout the session. 

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Further Support 

  1. If you have any further questions about the CyberSecure tool please do email
  2. If you would like advice and guidance around DfE Standards, please email
  3. To report a cyber incident to DfE, please email Further incidents can be reported through the Action Fraud website and incidents of data breaches can be reported through the ICO website. 
  4. As well as developing the CyberSecure tool for DfE, SWGfL provide additional support, to help schools and establishments respond to threats and attacks; all of which can be found in the section below.