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Supporting schools to effectively respond to harmful online content.

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In partnership with Senso, SWGfL provides the Assisted Monitoring Service (AMS), which supports schools to monitor and flag harmful online content and abuse. Having monitored over 150,000 devices, AMS allows schools to better safeguard students against harmful and inappropriate online behaviour.   

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How does Assisted Monitoring work?   

Through Assisted Monitoring, online content will be monitored and flagged, with violations being reported direct to the school.  Violations cover a variety of areas but include illegal content, terrorist content, general ‘Adult’ content as well as harmful or inappropriate content and abuse.  

Working alongside members of staff such as Designated Safeguarding Leads, our safeguarding specialists identify these potentially harmful situations being experienced by children and young people.  

By assisting school staff to manage their monitoring system, the service enables suitable safeguarding interventions to be put in place.  

What have others said about the Assisted Monitoring Service 

Working with SWGfL has been a positive experience for our schools and Trust. SWGfL have provided proactive support and guidance and understand that our schools offer more than just education to students.   Considering this model and other strategies, we have been supported to set and shape our Assisted Safeguarding Monitoring offer to ensure the monitoring of online activity and capturing serious violations, is at the forefront of a changing and challenging landscape.

Joycelyn Thompson - Head of Safeguarding at Ark

Filtering and Monitoring Requirements   

Schools and Colleges (England) are required to ensure “appropriate filtering and monitoring systems in place and regularly review their effectiveness” 

In support of this,  the Department for Education released new Filtering and Monitoring standards for 2023, which schools and colleges (England) should adhere to. Learn more about the new standards.   

A service such as AMS can assist schools and colleges in providing appropriate monitoring provision.  

What Senso have said about the partnership

I cannot think of a better organisation to partner with, SWGfL are leading figures in assisted monitoring and safeguarding. I love that they are at the forefront, challenging government guidelines, raising awareness and pushing for change in this very challenging digital age. Partnering with SWGfL quite simply helps to keep children safer online.

Michael Payne - Director of Operations at Renato Software Ltd