360 for Multi-Academy Trusts 

The online safety review tool for multi-academy trusts


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360 Degree Safe has supported over 16,000 schools in England with their online safety reviews for over 10 years. An award-winning tool that is free to use, 360 Safe has allowed schools to improve their online safety policy and practice in an accessible and measured way.

With many schools now being part of a Multi Academy Trust, we believe it is important to provide MATs with a toolkit that will allow them to monitor the quality of the online safety provision across the entire MAT and within individual academies.

Find out more about the 360 for Multi-Academy Trusts tool from the SWGfL Store. 

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Features and Benefits

360 for Multi Academy Trusts  gives an essential overview of the quality of online safety provision across the MAT as well as at individual academies. The toolkit presents data across a number of different aspects, highlighting where strengths and areas for development lie and guiding academies towards progress and improvement. 360 for Multi Academy Trusts allows leadership teams to:

All staff should be aware that technology is a significant component in many safeguarding and wellbeing issues

Department for Education - Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022