360 degree safe
Free Online Safety Self-Review Tool for Schools

360 degree safe is a free tool to help schools review their Online Safety policy and practice. We walk you through each aspect of Online Safety, helping you to collaborate, report, and progress.

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Empowering Schools to Improve Online Safety

Blue circles within another, like a targetSchools need to keep children safe, but it can be difficult to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. The DfE's Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance sets out a number of online safety steps schools need to take in Annex C.

Schools can pay for online safety reviews to be performed by other organisations, but many lack the expertise to really help schools improve.

Our Self-Review approach is also more empowering, helping schools to own their improvements themselves.

360 degree safe provides schools with free access to our online safety expertise, and helps school to both identify and demonstrate improvement in online safety provision.

In partnership with Scottish Government, we have created a version of the tool for schools in Scotland and in partnership with Welsh Government, a dedicated tool for schools in Wales, 360 safe Cymru, is available.

Project co-financed by the Euoropean Union

360safe Features & Benefits

360 degree safe is free to use for schools in England, Scotland, and Wales. For academy access read our 360 degree safe for academies page.

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360 degree safe is a well-designed, user friendly, online tool for schools to review their online safety provision. It helps them identify strengths / weaknesses & develop an improvement action plan

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