Education Professionals Guide to Remote Learning 

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When working remotely, it's important to follow the safeguarding policies you have in place for children, young people and for staff. Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean these policies should be relaxed.

Your understanding of the child may change if you’re suddenly not seeing them regularly and a video discloses more about their home life than you previously knew. Make sure your safeguarding policies are robust enough for this situation.

What The Resource Offers

We have put together a helpful resource that outlines the key points to remember when it comes to remote working. This also includes:

Managing your work space

  • Finding a suitable space to work.
  • Balancing home life with work.
  • Making sure workload does not increase.
  • Allowing daily goals to be set.

Communicating with your colleagues

  • How to manage your devices at home.
  • When to use formal and informal groups for chat. 

Working with students

  • Making sure safeguards are properly considered.
  • Following school policy for yourself and students.
  • What to do when it comes to video-conferencing and live-stream.
  • Making sure offline activities are provided.

Data protection

  •  Consider GDPR and how it might affect your daily work. 

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