DfE Laptops for Disadvantaged Children Programme

Online Safety Pack - Primary

What's Included?

  1. Catalogue
  2. Resources
  3. Safe Remote Learning
  4. DfE Laptops for Disadvantaged Children Programme - Primary

The DfE’s laptop for disadvantaged children programme is distributing laptops to Local Authorities and Trusts to loan to those children to support their learning and access duringthe restrictions imposed by Covid19.

Recognising that safeguarding children online is critical and the Local Authorities and Trust’s safeguarding obligations, SWGfL has worked with a number of Local Authorities to create online safety resource packs to protect and inform those receiving a device. 

These are pre packed A4 sized packs containing age appropriate printed content to accompany the distribution of laptops for disadvantaged children to support primary aged children, their parents and families in effectively and safely using the device and connectivity. 

For further information, please contact esafety@swgfl.org.uk

Pack Content

Each pack is £1.75 (plus VAT) (including postage and packing) (minimum quantity 20)

For further information and to order, please contact esafety@swgfl.org.uk