An Example of Phishing

Highlighting phishing red flags from a real attempt we received

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Example Phishing Email

Below is an email we received at SWGfL. We've highlighted three tell-tale signs it was a phishing email, but can you think of the other reasons it was suspicious?

It’s addressed to “Dear Customer”, but claims to relate to the type of service (a shipment of something) for which a name would likely have been recorded earlier in the process.

The text includes language which raises suspicion (e.g. “the new shipment headed to your port” is unlikely to be the way a major transport company would describe this).

The email address it has been sent to is not one that would normally be associated with requesting supply of goods or services.

Other Suspicious Elements

Use the boxes below to explore the other reasons we could tell this email wasn't legitimate.

We don't recognise the email address.

It's not from an organisation we deal with.

We were not expecting to receive this email.

The email contains a link.