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Stay informed about online safety with the SWGfL podcast

SWGfL Podcast LogoOur online safety podcast exists to help everybody with their online safety challenges and questions, as we believe that everybody should use technology free from harm.

Presented by a variety of SWGfL's online safety experts and special guests - this podcast is your one-stop-shop for internet safety news and comment.

The focus of our episodes is to advise professionals working with young people. That being said, the content will be useful for parents, carers or anybody with an interest in online safety. We don't discriminate!

In every episode, our experts will discuss a topic and give you the answers to the most confusing or challenging topics in the digital world.

So jump right in, have a listen, and let us know your thoughts and suggestions for future episodes. We'd love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

Interface - Our New Podcast Series

Our new series ‘Interface’ is hosted by our very own online safety experts Jess McBeath and Gareth Cort, as they talk about some of the latest and most talked about online safety and safeguarding topics for the current climate, with special guest speakers brought in for each episode. Interface is the number one online safety podcast to listen to if you are a professional working with children and young people.

Season 2: Episode 9 - Safeguarding Technology: Identifying disclosures

Dr Mark McGlashan from Birmingham City University joins the Interface team to discuss issues to do with online harm, safety and safeguarding in schools. 

Season 2: Episode 8 - Mr P ICT: teacher, podcaster and influencer Lee Parkinson

Lee Parkinson, also known as the popular 'Mr P' joins the team to explore the impact of AI, how teachers can utilise technology and the impact of the pandemic, and how this changed the approach to teaching. Listen back to episode 8 of our go to online safety and technology podcast! 

Season 2: Episode 7 - Safer Internet Day 2024 with Will Gardner

Hear from CEO of Childnet International Will Gardner about the impact of Safer Internet Day and how schools and organisations across the UK got involved in promoting the safe and positive use of the internet.

Series 2: Episode 6 - AI and ChatGPT: What it Means for Schools and Educators

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already changing the fundamentals of how we live, work and teach - and its influence will only grow. It can be daunting to understand its strengths, and how best to engage with it - but it could be a huge benefit to teachers and educators. In this episode of Interface, online safety consultant Jess McBeath and co-host Ailish Hunter speak with SWGfL's deputy CEO and online safety director Ken Corish.

Series 2: Episode 5 - Roblox Community Safety and civility: Laura Higgins

Roblox is massive! It had over 66 million daily users worldwide at the start of 2023. It is understood to be the most popular online gaming platform for UK under-13s, and its user numbers have gone up by a fifth in a single year. In this episode, Jess McBeath and Princess Lawal take a deep dive with Roblox's head of Community Safety & Civility, Laura Higgins.

Series 2: Episode 4 - Digital Leaders: building confidence, team work and tech skills

Children and young people can take a proactive active role in technology and online safety, running peer-led training, and even educating parents and carers! Interface co-hosts Gareth Cort and Ailish Hunter talk all things Digital Leaders and peer-led online safety, with Childnet's Danielle Antha, and Derbyshire's chief iVenger Traci Good.

Series 2: Episode 3 - Cybersurvey: listening to children and young people

The annual schools Cybersurvey has been offering vital insights for safeguarding, online safety education, and student wellbeing since it was first launched by the charity Youthworks in 2008. Adrienne Katz leads the Cybersurvey, and speaks in this episode with Interface's Gareth Cort and Princess Lawal.

Find out more details, and sign up for your school to take part in the Cybersurvey here.

Series 2: Episode 2 - Filtering and monitoring online: new rules and standards for schools

Recently updated schools guidance on standards for filtering and monitoring online content has led to some confusion and worry. But don't worry - it's not as complicated as you might think. SWGfL online safety lead consultant Graham Lowe joins Interface's Jess McBeath and Gareth Cort to explain.

Series 2: Episode 1 - Gina Martin: Empowering young people to make a difference

Gina Martin embarked on a tireless campaign to criminalise 'upskirting' (taking photographs from underneath to see up someone's clothing) after someone did it to her in July 2017. She shares her experience of online activism, and gives tips on how teachers can support children and young people to make a difference on issues they care about - and stay safe while doing so. Gina speaks in this episode with Interface's Gareth Cort and Ailish Hunter.

Find Gina Martin’s book Be the Change: A Toolkit for the Activist in You here.

Episode 12: What I Wish I'd Known with Ailish and Princess

For our final Interface episode before the long summer holiday, something a bit different. Our young co-hosts Princess and Ailish reflect on a whole school year of working with SWGfL, and think about what they know about internet safety now, that they wish they'd understood when they were still at school. They're joined for the chat by SWGfL's Gareth Cort.

Episode 11: Influencer in the classroom with YouTuber Eman Kellam

Does your class have a social media influencer? There are likely to be students with career ambitions such as Tiktok stars or YouTubers. What do they need to know? And what do you need to know to better support them? Interface's Ailish Hunter is a former beauty and make-up YouTuber, and hosts this episode alongside SWGfL online safety consultant Jess McBeath. The pair are joined by YouTuber Eman Kellam who first went wildly viral online when he was still in school.

Episode 10: Pornography and young people: Prof Andy Phippen

How can pornography impact the children and young people in your care as an educator? Andy Phippen is professor of digital rights at Bournemouth University. He joins SWGfL internet safety consultant Gareth Cort and co-host Ailish Hunter to talk about online sexual content, and its impact on young people's relationships, body image, and more.

Episode 9: Natasha Devon MBE on Supporting Girls and Women Online

For International Women's Day, Jess McBeath and co-presenter Princess Lawal welcome campaigner, author and broadcaster Natasha Devon MBE, to talk about the pressures and difficulties facing girls and women online. The three talk porn, toxic influencers, tackling disinformation, and so much more.

Episode 8: A positive approach to video and computer games

As parents and educators, maybe it's time to re-think our attitudes to video and computer games. Are they just addictive time sinks that get in the way of more 'positive' activities? Or can they be a pathway to genuine learning experiences, and a tool to have better communication with children and young people? Jess McBeath and young co-host Bill Byers are joined by Andy Robertson, the family video game expert who wrote the Taming Gaming guide for parents and teachers.' More info at You can also find guidance, resources and articles in the SWGfL Gaming Hub

Episode 7: Young people, online wellbeing, and developing healthier habits

How can we help young people develop a healthier relationship with technology? Jess McBeath and Ailish Hunter are joined by Cath Knibbs, psychotherapist and cybertrauma expert. They discuss digital detoxes and decluttering, using technology mindfully, and helping young people to navigate online challenges.

Episode 6: Intimate image abuse with 'revenge porn' survivor footballer Leigh Nicol

(Please note: This episode contains a brief mention of suicide) 

So-called 'revenge porn' - non-consensual online sharing of intimate images (NCII) - is increasingly a form of abuse that everyone should be aware of. We hear from Crystal Palace footballer and NCII abuse survivor Leigh Nicol about the impact of having videos shared globally on porn sites, and how it led to months of anxiety and depression. We also speak with SWGfL's Revenge Porn Helpline manager Sophie Mortimer, and hear how works with industry partners including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Bumble to provide a ground-breaking tool that prevents the sharing of non-consensual intimate images.

Find out more about here:

Episode 5: Anti-Bullying: Alex Holmes of The Diana Award

Alex Holmes is one of the UK's best known anti-bullying campaigners. Aged just 16 and after experiencing bullying himself, he founded a peer-to-peer support programme Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. He won a Diana Award for this work, and later went on to become deputy CEO of the Diana Award organisation. He has been named as one of '100 people who make Britain a happier place to live’. Find out more about the Diana Award's work here:

Episode 4: ''Help, my School's Been Hacked!" With Sir Dan Moynihan and NCSC Experts

Schools are as much at risk of hacking, phishing, and other cyber attacks as any other organisation. The team hear from Sir Dan Moynihan, whose Harris Schools Federation faced a devastating cyber attack and subsequent blackmail attempt. We are also joined by NCSC experts Kerr, Syeda and Sarah (their surnames are withheld because of NCSC's close links with Britain's intelligence, cyber, and security agency GCHQ). Jess and Gareth’s co-presenter for this episode is Morgan Rose-Green.

Episode 3: Harmful Sexual Behaviour And Where to Find Support 

Since its launch in January 2022, the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service has helped hundreds of teachers and education professionals looking for advice on how to respond to concerns, and how to put correct safeguarding measures in place. Jess, Gareth, and young co-host Ailish Hunter are joined by helpline service lead Carmel Glassbrook and Victoria Green, chief executive of the Marie Collins Foundation.

Episode 2: Teachers and Safety with TikTok's Alexandra Evans

TikTok is easily the biggest current social media trend, and an obsession for most children and young people (and plenty of teachers!). Alexandra Evans is TikTok's Head of Safety Public Policy, Europe. She joins Jess, Gareth, and this episode's young co-host Princess Lawal for an indepth chat about teachers and TikTok.

Episode 1: Bobby Seagull on Social Media and Teaching

This first episode is a chat with Bobby Seagull, maths teacher, TV quiz guru, and social media enthusiast. We also introduce expert presenters Jess McBeath and Gareth Cort, and Princess Lawal, one of Interface's 4 young series co-hosts.

Listen to Previous SWGfL Series 

Internet Matters conversation - SEND resources

Listen to this great conversation with Claire Levens from Internet Matters to hear about the great resources Internet Matters have developed to support parents and children with SEND.

Episode 16 - Safer Internet Day 2021

Safer Internet Day 2021 took place on 9th February! Jump in and listen to Jess and Gareth discuss all of the great activities and content that used for the SID celebration. 

Episode 15 - Social Dilemma - Online Safety

What are your thoughts on the new documentary from Netflix titled Social Dilemma? Is this something that can be used in the classroom? Another great episode from Jess and Gareth, have a listen and join in!

Episode 14 - ProjectEVOLVE - How to teach online safety? 

What is Project Evolve and why is it the best resource for teachers in 2020? Find out all you need to know about how to teach online safety, how to use Project Evolve in another great podcast from SWGfL.

Episode 13 - Online Safety Digital Engagement

Do you feel anxious using different digital technologies to connect? What are some of the pressures and advantages of video conferencing tools? Learn about this and much more on another brilliant online safety podcast with Jess and Gareth.

Episode 12 - Online Safety - Back to School

Episode 11 - What is hate speech and how to counter it?

Episode 10 - Online Radicalisation

Have a listen at another great SWGfL podcast this time in an interview with the National Police lead coordinator for Prevent teams in the police on the topic of online radicalisation

Episode 9 - What is Misinformation?

Episode 8 Professional Online Safety Helpline - How are schools coping?

Calls since the lockdown have tripled in our Professional Online Safety Helpline! Have a listen to a wonderful interview with our helpline practitioner Carmel and find out what are the issues schools are facing?

Episode 7 Online Scams

Did you become a victim of any online scams? We have noticed a steady rise in online scams recently. Listen to Gareth and Jess discussing how to stay safe and protected.

Episode 6 Remote learning and safeguarding considerations

What should be the considerations for safety and safeguarding while doing remote learning? Jump in our new podcast with Jess, Ken and David and send us your questions on

Episode 5 Young people speak about their online rights

Jess talked to Beccie and Marcus about children's rights online. These two young people are involved in ENYA, the European Network of Young Advisors. What do young people want and need in the digital environment? They tell us all!

Episode 4 - What is persuasive design?

How do you feel while using technology? In the newest SWGfL podcast we have dived in to the topic of persuasive design. What it is and how to recognize it?

Episode 3 - Online reputation

The longer you've been online, the more digital footprints you will have left. Are you taking steps to manage your online reputation? Episode three of the podcast will help you get your online self under control.

Episode 2 - Sexting

What is sexting and how can we tackle this online challenge? How does it affect young people and adults? How do you deal with sexting incidents? Our expert hosts, Jess and Gareth, go into all the details of how to handle sexting incidents.

Episode 1 - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bringing phones, tablets, and other mobile devices into schools remains a hot topic. What are your thoughts and experiences of BYOD? Have a listen to what our online safety experts Jess and Gareth have to say to help you with this online safety issue.