Online Safety Calendar 2023/2024

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The new school year has come around so quickly that it may have taken some of us by surprise! Needless to say, there is so much that needs preparing in the run up to everyone's return, that some things may fly under the radar.

The busy year ahead!

The year is filled with so many important dates that can ultimately shape our lesson structure and guide us through some important topics. Online safety is of course, a huge part of this.

Regardless of how far your school may be in it's online safety policy and practice, there's always space to include essential resources, guidance and services throughout the busy school year.

What help is available?

SWGfL has put together a helpful online safety calendar that breaks down the year and suggests resources and guidance that education professionals can use through each month. As well as this, we have highlighted some important dates to keep in mind such as 'World Book Day' and 'Anti-Bullying Week' to ensure everything is kept on your radar.

This downloadable document contains links to all our pages and will help guide you through the new school year. Keep online safety a number one priority!

Download SWGfL Calendar