Data Protection Guidance for Schools and Colleges

Advice and guidance on the management of personal data

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Download Resources

A shield with a tick in it, with 4 lines coming off it going to different coloured dotsInformation security and data protection are important issues for schools, colleges and other organisations. It is important that policies and practices around managing personal data are clear and well understood.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act (DPA) set out the data protection rules, modernising the previous rules.

GDPR changes how organisations (including schools and colleges) can process (i.e. handle) information relating to data subjects (including children, parents, staff). Data subjects also have a wider set of rights and controls over their information.

Data Protection Guidance Downloads

Our data protection resources provide advice and guidance to help schools and colleges better manage personal data, and should be used alongside the policies and practices already in place.

The resources do not constitute legal advice, and each school or college should seek their own legal advice when considering the management of personal data in alignment with GDPR and DPA.