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What You Will Learn in This Section

In this section you will learn about the wheels of your car - what they represent and how they steer your car in different directions. 

You Need The Wheels of Your Car to Get Places.

Your wheels equal your behaviour.

You steer them in one direction or another to get where you want to go.

All Behaviour is Made Up of Four Parts

The parts are like the four wheels of a car:



Physiology (Body Signals)


Your Back Wheels

The back wheels are your feelings and what's happening in your body.

This is called physiology, or body signals.

The back wheels give you important signals about what you are experiencing and how your body is responding.

The Front Wheels

Your front wheels represent acting and thinking.

You have more control over your front wheels because you can move them from side to side.

The back wheels and the rest of the car follow the front wheels.

Remember, The Wheels of Your Car Are Your Behaviour

They consist ot two front wheels - thinking and doing and two back wheels - feeling and physiology (or body signals). 

The wheels determine the direction of where your car will go.

Time For a Recap!

Let's go over it one more time, sit back, relax and watch our video.

Good Job!

You have reached the end of Section 3, Using your wheels.

You're doing great and can now move on to Section 4 where we'll learn about being a great driver and taking control of your digital wellbeing. Are you ready?

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