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What You Will Learn in This Section 

Your engine represents your needs. In this section you will learn about your five basic needs and that everything we do is based on one of those five needs.

So let's get under the bonnet.

A Car is Powered By Its Engine.

Your engine has 5 cylinders – which makes you a little unusual!

You need all five to be keep in good working order.

The five cylinders represent your five basic needs.

Your Five Basic Needs


Love & Belonging

Self worth



Safety, Security and Survival

You are safe and healthy

This is about safety, security and survival.

You need to eat, sleep, drink, be physically healthy and safe.

Love and Belonging

You have good relationships with your family, friends and others that you care about

This is about feeling loved, respected and part of something.

You feel connected to others and cared for.

You get this from your family and friends, and the communities which you are a part of.

Self Worth

You feel important and listened to

This is about feeling confident that you are listened to and that your opinion matters

You feel empowered to achieve your goals

You know how and where to seek support when you need it


You have a sense of independence, and the ability to make decisions that help you meet your needs

You feel in control of your decisions and the actions that you take.

You don't feel restricted by other people.


You are having fun!

This is about enjoyment and playfulness which helps you to learn.

You need fun to help you laugh, play and learn.

Fun and learning go together. As you play, you learn important life skills. Fun is also an essential ingredient in your friendships.

Remember, Your Engine is Powered by These Five Needs

  • Survival
  • Love and belonging
  • Self worth
  • Freedom
  • Fun

They motivate you to think, feel and act in different ways. 

Now its your turn to think about how your digital life meets your needs.

In This Section You Have Learned 

The Five Basic Needs

Just as a car is powered by its engine, you are powered by your needs.

Your digital life meets your needs in different ways.

Next you are going to check out your wheels, and how they help you feel in control your behaviour.

Let's Recap!

Just so you understand it, sit back, relax, and let's go over it one more time.

Your Engine: Activities

Download an activity sheet and put your knowledge into practice!

Good Job!

That completes this section, you should now understand what your engine represents and what your needs are.

You're doing great and can now move on to Section 3: Your Wheels where we'll learn about your behaviours. Ready to go?

Learn About Your Wheels