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  5. 1: Introduction

What Will You Learn in This Section?

This Digital Wellbeing resource is all about choices. This section will help you to understand what behaviour is and why you make certain choices in your digital Life.

In This Section You Will Learn

  • What wellbeing is and why it is important
  • That you are like a car, in control of what you do, say and think

What is "Wellbeing"?

Everyone has the right to live  happy, healthy and safe lives.

Well-being is about how well you are, and  how your life is going.

It Includes Your

Physical Health
Emotional Health
Social Health

Life is Good When…

Wellbeing includes your whole life, your sense of purpose and how in control you feel.

Life is good when:

  • You are safe and healthy
  • You feel you have good friends and like yourself
  • You feel important and achieve your goals
  • You feel you are free to make choices
  • You are having fun

What Happens If Your Wellbeing is Not So Good?

If your wellbeing is not so good, it can affect how you think and what you do, as well as your feelings and your physical body.

Over a long period of time this can lead to:

  • Physical or mental ill health
  • Difficulties in your relationships with your family or your friends
  • A sense of hopelessness about the future or
  • Feeling like you cannot cope with life’s problems

The Digital World

Technology and digital services are an important part of our everyday lives. 

We know that some people are worried about the digital lives of young people. This includes parents and carers, teachers, gov­ernments and even young people themselves.  

They worry that the digital world is having a negative impact on wellbeing. 

What's Your "Normal"?

So how do you know if you are making the right choices for you?

In this resource you are going to explore what motivates your choices and drives your behaviour.

By looking at different scenarios, you will consider how the digital world can be helpful or harmful to your well-being.

You can then decide what your ‘normal’ is, and whether there are any areas of your digital life you want to change.

Time For a Recap!

Let's go over it one more time, sit back, relax and watch our video.

The Starting Line

Imagine you‘re sitting in the driver's seat of a car.

Right now you are on the starting line, ready to have a new adventure.

You place the keys in the ignition and turn on the engine. 

You put the car into gear and step on the accelerator, keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel.

You see the way ahead and steer towards the direction you want to travel. 

You Are The Car

To help understand how you work -  imagine the car is you.

You are in the driving seat and you choose what you do, say, and think in every situation. 

Knowing how your car works will help you to control your car. 

That’s what you are going to look at next.


In this section you have learned what well-being is and why it’s important.

Also, that, like a car, you are in control of what you do, say and think.

Next, you are going to get to know your car – how your engine works and how to control where you are going.

Good Job!

You have reached the end of Section 1, an introduction to Digital Wellbeing, and have an understanding of what it is.

You're doing great and can now move on to Section 2 where we'll learn about your engine (your needs). Are you ready to get under the bonnet?

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