Understanding Digital Wellbeing

Here you will learn all about what wellbeing is and what drives our choices and behaviours. 

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Most importantly, you will learn and practice self-reflection. Self-reflection is a great tool where we think about what we have done, thought and felt, which is known as our ‘behaviour’. 

Have you ever been told your behaviour is good or bad? Well, often people talk about what you have done or are doing.  But did you know? Behaviour is so much more than what you do! It is also what you think, feel and how your body responds to situations like when your cheeks go red or you have sweaty palms.   

Behavior is not just what we do

Behaviour is always made up of those four elements: what we do, think, feel and our body’s reaction. Those four elements are ALWAYS together.  

Whilst all four elements go together, if we want to change our behaviour or in particular our feelings, we must start with what we are doing or thinking and the rest will follow. 

So, once again - self-reflection helps us think about our behaviour. 

Our needs determine our behaviour

Our behaviour is always trying to help us meet our needs.  If our needs aren’t being met, we often notice our feelings first. It is the thinking and doing parts of our behaviour that lead the way, helping us to behave in a way that meets our needs and change our feelings. 

Remember: “If we keep doing the same thing over and over, we’re likely to get the same outcome over and over”… try something new!  

Get to Know Your Car

We use the symbol of a car to look and refect on our behaviour and the choices we make. 

Go through each section to learn about your car, and how to recognise when something is wrong, and how to keep it running smoothly.