Digital Wellbeing Garage

Use the app to calculate you digital wellbeing scores, identify potential issues and produce an action plan for improvement

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Let's Do a Digital Wellbeing Health-Check!

Using our Digital Wellbeing app I can help you apply all the knowledge you have learned to your actual digital activities!

Are you hooked on social media? Spending too long gaming? or is your screentime is out of control? Use our Digital Wellbeing Health-Check app to track your activities, discover what needs you are trying to meet with those activities, and map out your behaviours.

I can help you analyse whats going on and help you with some strategies to keep your car running well in a digital world.

I Am Still Putting The App Together!

I'm currently busy building my garage! I have a bit of work to do before it's ready to do health-checks as you can probably tell! Be sure to check back soon and we can give your car the once over!

In the meantime you can check out our wellbeing learning material. Shall we go there now?

Yes, Let's go!