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Learn ways to keep yourself happy and safe online

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Let's Get Started!

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The Importance of Digital Wellbeing

Welcome to our Digital Wellbeing tool for young people aged 11+. I am the Mechanic and I am here to help you understand why you do what you do in your digital life, and what effect this has on your wellbeing.

Playing and chatting online can be lots of fun. It can help us keep connected to our friends and teach us new skills, but sometimes we feel a little bit sad, down or angry when we are online. 

Would you like to feel more in control, have more fun and learn ways to keep yourself happy and safe when you're gaming or on social media?  Well, it’s easy, let me show you how through our interactive app where we put you in the driver’s seat.

For Educators and Parents

This resource aims to help young people aged 11+ learn about their wellbeing and how the online world can affect it, understand their feelings and behaviour, and help them manage/improve their own wellbeing.

It is intended to be used by young people with the support of an adult – a parent/ carer, a teacher, a youth worker and so on. Find out more:

Download Guidance for Educators & Parents

Let's Get Started!!

Let's start by learning how to analyse your Digital Wellbeing, then you can use our interactive app to do a health check-up

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