Latest Research: Young people feel pressured into sending nudes

A research programme on young people’s experience of sending and sharing nude and nearly nude images, otherwise known as sexting

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Exec Summary

The experience of young people across all three countries is similar in many key respects. In general, the differences between their responses to the key questions posed to them are small. While adults and the media often use the term “sexting” to talk about sending nude or semi-nude images or videos,  young people use a variety of descriptions for this practice (see sidebar). This reflects the range of contexts surrounding this type of behaviour. We understand that “sexting” is an evolving and complex term because technologies, and the way people have adopted them, continue to change rapidly. Having said that, “sexting” is defined here as any act related to sending, receiving, requesting or being asked for mostly, but not always, self-generated images or video . These behaviours may arise for a variety of reasons (e.g., volunteering an image, being asked for one, part of “courtship” or to intimidate or abuse).

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