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Through These Walls

Report Harmful Content's latest annual report, Through These Walls, analyses data  between January 2020 and December 2020. The report shows that the Report Harmful Content website received 17,406 visitors and practitioners dealt with 644 unique cases, a 292% rise on the previous pilot year.

Cases involving bullying and harassment were most common, followed by pornographic content, abuse and impersonation.

  • RHC found that online harassment disproportionately affected women and was often perpetrated by ex-partners.

Three common trends were identified:

  • Cluster of domestic abuse, coercive control and harassment issues:. This trend disproportionally affected women and in a quarter of cases involved intimate image abuse as an additional harm
  • A 255% rise in reports with a wider issue of hate-speech. Most reports had a primary issue type of harassment or abuse
  • Young males actively searching for harmful content and reporting it. Pornography was the only harm that was predominantly reported by males

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