Tech Literacy: a New Cornerstone of Modern Primary School Education

An Executive Summary of a report from BT and Ipsos MORI

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To build a culture of tech literacy, we need to start with the next generation. That will take collective energy from across sectors on a range of crunchpoints throughout childhood. At BT we’ve focused our initial efforts on a group that plays a crucial role in setting children’s attitudes and aspirations: primary school teachers.

These research findings provide valuable insight into what teachers need to help make tech literacy a new cornerstone of modern education in primary schools. Through the Barefoot Computing Project, BT has been alongside primary school teachers across the country over the past two years, and that has taught us a great deal about the lie of the land. This report builds on what we’ve learnt with new research into 400 primary school teachers across England, Scotland and Wales, as well as teachers and pupils from five schools which have been through the Barefoot Computing Project.

We hope the data and ideas presented here will be valuable and act as a spur for all who are committed to taking tech literacy to the next level in UK primary schools.