ProjectEVOLVE Evaluation Report 

Understanding Online Safety Delivery and Assessment in Schools

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This ProjectEVOLVE report is an extensive analysis of what data has been seen from the professionals and schools who use it and aims to understand online safety delivery and assessment within schools across the UK. The assement and report has been compiled by Professor Andy Phippen from Bournemouth University. Read the full report above.

Top Level Findings

This analysis is the first of its kind, considering the ProjectEVOLVE database from the start of March 2022, drawing from use of the platform by: 6,617 educational establishments, incorporating 24,148 individual users in total. Aspects viewed 252,680 times by users, with some schools viewing resources over 500 times. 83,667 Knowledge Maps used to assess student knowledge in the classroom and supporting their knowledge development. Some of the key findings that have been found are represented in the graphic below: