Evaluation of the ProjectEVOLVE Database 

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This analysis is conducted on data collected from the ProjectEVOLVE database. ProjectEVOLVE was designed to support education professionals deliver effective online safety education and assess digital competencies across the whole school journey, informing everything from grassroots classroom activity to national policy. The platform provides teaching and learning resources (aspects) tailored to specific needs across 8 strands of online safety and digital literacy, as well as assessments (Knowledge Maps) to allow classroom teachers to assess student knowledge across these strands.


Key Findings

Building upon the first evaluation of ProjectEVOLVE data, published in April 2021, this analysis considers the data collected on the platform one year on, examining the ProjectEVOLVE database from the start of March 2023. While this analysis is not intended to be a comparison of last year’s results, some reflection on the growth of the platform is considered.

This year, the analysis of the data shows that the platform is now used by:

  • 11,923 educational establishments (an 80% increase on the previous year), incorporating 52,356 individual users in total (118% increase).
  • Aspects have been viewed 676,924 times by users (168% increase), with 64 schools accessing resources over 500 times.
  • 18,409 assessments (1,220% increase) have been conducted, making use of 709,252 Knowledge Maps (748% increase) Knowledge Maps are used to assess student knowledge in the classroom, supporting their knowledge development.

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