Cyber Security in UK Schools Report 2022

How well protected are schools and colleges in England and Wales?

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In partnership with the Institute of Cyber Security for Society at the University of Kent and supported by Bitdefender, the Cyber Security in UK Schools Report provides an up-to-date review around the current state of cyber-security for schools in England and Wales. 

The report compiles a list of findings around behaviours, issues and risks within the field of cyber-security for schools taken from a survey that was run in 2021. The responses gathered acculmilate to 350 respondents which represents around 66,800 children in education.

The findings of our research confirm many of the behaviours, issues and risks we see in our work across the UK. This research discloses the variation in approach and attitudes to cyber security clearly indicating a need for a shift in policy.

Breakdown of Top Findings

Data gathered from the survey has shown many interesting findings around how well schools have implemented cyber security through policy and practice as well as what risks are currently being posed towards their communities. Watch this video to see some of the top trends.

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