Why should you use an anonymous reporting tool?

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Empower Your Community

An anonymous reporting tool empowers your community to speak up safely without fear of repercussions or “whistle blowing”. Whisper provides an anonymous reporting tool available to everyone; staff, students and parents. This gives you greater visibility of issues that may otherwise go unreported allowing your community to report issues without fear of consequences.

What can Whisper be used for?

Whisper provides everyone in your school community a safe place to talk, report or highlight issues and concerns.  When they don’t know where to go or who to turn to, Whisper can provide a light in the dark.

Whisper can be used by different people for different reasons:

  • How many times have you seen or heard something you feel you ought to tell “someone”?
  • How often do you know the “right person” to report your concerns to?
  • How many times have you kept quiet as you didn’t want to get involved or be the whistle blower? Perhaps you didn’t think the issue was large enough to report but it continues to play on your mind.

If these are things that prevent adults reporting issues, imagine how a student might feel about seeing, hearing or being involved in something at school or more importantly right now, out of school.

Safeguarding Beyond the School Gates

Long gone are the days when a school’s safeguarding duties stopped at the school gates. The boundaries between in-school and out-of-school incidents are now blurred, as social media and technology give students 24/7 access to each other. Now more than ever, students will be online for longer periods each day meaning more exposure to potential issues.

What about if a child feels trapped, lost or isolated and doesn’t know who to talk to? Whisper can provide an anonymous two-way platform to allow you to communicate with the individual without fear of retribution.

Some people don’t feel comfortable reporting an issue in person. Whisper provides a safe, private space for young people to seek help through digital, anonymous communication.

Why should you use Whisper?

Because it provides a safe space for your staff, learners and parents to communicate and report issues that may otherwise go unreported.  It opens up your lines of communication with your whole community, whilst providing a safe and anonymous space that young people can access whilst currently at home.

Providing everyone with a variety of methods to communicate their issues ensures you are not excluding anyone regardless of what the current situation is. Whether it be in person, in writing on via a digital platform, give your community a voice.

We all have a shared responsibility of protecting children so let’s start with the first step. Giving children, a modern, anonymous way of reporting and talking to you.

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