What is Anonymous Reporting?

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Non-Identifiable and Untrackable

In short, Anonymous Reporting is the process of passing information with anonymity. The important idea here is that the person passing information is non-identifiable, untraceable and untrackable. These are the three attributes which provide the context of anonymity, without which, trust is eroded and the person passing information will not feel safe.

Interestingly, in stark contrast to the promises of anonymity, effective reporting often equates to varying levels of transparency, accountability and communication. It is at this conflicting crossroad where many anonymous reporting tools fail. Examples of flawed processes might include:

  • A business or charity using an anonymous hotline to encourage more whistleblowing, but for the whistle-blower, their own identifying voice will stop them from passing information
  • A school asking pupils to use a dropbox to collect safeguarding notes related to bullying, online harassment notes, with pupils knowing their handwriting is showcased on a writing boards all across the building

Industry First

Creating an industry first, anonymous reporting tool that fulfills the promise of real anonymity was the challenge accepted by South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL). After a long period of research and development, we have proudly rebuilt and re-launched Whisper.

An effective anonymous reporting tool already used by thousands of schools, Whisper can now offer a multitude of encrypted features including Live Chat via Website and two-way anonymous SMS text messaging, amongst many others.

Reporting isn’t just reserved for the school ground though. Whisper also effectively offers safe, anonymous reporting for those now at home, learning remotely.

If you have ever wondered “What is the best anonymous reporting tool?” you will be pleased to know you can try it today. Now, more than ever, there will be more young people online needing a voice to speak up. Whisper can give them that confidence.

What does Anonymous mean in Whisper?

The premise of Whisper is to provide an anonymous reporting service, and whilst it can be used without entering any personal information, providing some personal information affords users convienience.

For example if you want to receive email notifications when your report is responded to, you will need to enter your email address. Similarly if you use the SMS service, the system uses your phone number to relay responses back to you. If you do not wish to enter any personal information, then you must manually check your unique reporting link to see updates, the system will have no way of notifying you.

So really in the context of the Whisper system, "Anonymous" means anonymous to the receiving party. By using the SMS service, or entering your email address to receive notifications, you are trusting that the Whisper system will protect your anonymity from the receiving party.

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