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Schools need to protect data from loss or damage.

Gartner, the world's leading research and advisory company, found that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.

Millions of mobile devices are stolen or lost each year, and many contain important, confidential or sensitive data.

Passwords are not sufficient to protect devices from unauthorised access. Full disk encryption is a critical step in protecting data in the event of loss.

We’ve worked closely with Phoenix Software and Sophos to bring schools Sophos Central Device Encryption at a discounted rate: our academic pricing means schools can save money and protect users, devices and data quickly and easily.


Regulatory requirements like the GDPR expect encryption to be in place, particularly on mobile devices.

And if a laptop is lost or stolen, an organisation will usually need to be able to prove that encryption was in place in order to avoid more severe sanctions.

Many organisations also need to be able to verify and report on devices that are encrypted, and devices that aren't, as part of their information security processes.

Sophos Central gives you the ability to manage full disk encryption from a single, integrated, web-based management center.

Rapid Deployment

Sophos Central Device Encryption allows management of Windows BitLocker and macOS FileVault native device encryption, or for existing Sophos Central Endpoint Protection users, encryption using the same agent.

Using Sophos Central’s web-based management, there is no server to deploy and no need to configure back-end key servers. Encryption can be deployed and data secured in minutes.