The Story of ProjectEVOLVE

Find out all you need to know about the digital education toolkit that is being used by thousands of schools and educators in delivering essential online development to students

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ProjectEVOLVE is a free digital literacy toolkit that supports online development in children and young people. It assists professionals in educating, guiding, and supporting them through their use of technology in their online life. The toolkit covers over 600 separate resources that cover various topics and age ranges from very young children, right up to 18.  It establishes some of the fundamental building blocks around the right sort of education needed for their online development and wellbeing. Take a look at this introductory video to find out more. 

Interview with Ken Corish (Project Lead for ProjectEVOLVE) 

Find out how Project EVOLVE started and how it developed into one of the most essential digital tools for schools and educators across the country. Ken Corish takes us right back to the beginning in an interview that tells you all you need to know about ProjectEVOLVE 

Humble Beginnings

Hear all about how the concept of ProjectEVOLVE began several years ago and how the toolkit was inevitably born out of developing tried and tested online safety messages that didn't address the problem fully. Ken goes on to talk about how essential online safety is for children and young people in the age of technology and how ProjectEVOLVE looks to tackle it.

What's the Difference? 

Ken talks about how ProjectEVOLVE differs from other online safety toolkits whilst discussing the importance of engagement and seeing the active effects in children and young people's knowedge. He talks about what ProjectEVOLVE is trying to achieve and explains how the Knowledge Map features within the toolkit will help educators navigate the right resources for their students. 

Impact and Feedback 

Ken talks about the impact that the toolkit has had since it first launched in Novemeber 2020 and the staggering numbers it has managed to achieve in organisational sign ups and user accounts. He goes on to talk about the positive feedback ProjectEVOLVE has recieived whilst discussing how it has helped schools enagage with their students in online safety.

How Does it Engage?

Learn how ProjectEVOLVE essentially works and supports educators. Ken talks about how the resources are mapped across different strands, age groups and topics and how they all work towards delivering focussed, accessible enagagement that can be measured and used to deliver appropriate material that is relevant for the specific student group. 

Knowledge Map Feature

Ken talks in depth about the new knowledge map feature for ProjectEVOLVE and how it will incorporate a concept cartoon generator to illustrate children and young people's understanding of an online safety topic. Included is an example of how the concept cartoons work and how children will engage with them.

The Future

Ken talks about what plans are in store for ProjectEVOLVE including a search mechanism for educators who have a specific role they want to find resources for. He finishes by talking about how you can get involved in ProjectEVOLVE for free with only some simple log in details required.