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What is ProjectEVOLVE?

The ProjectEVOLVE toolkit is based on UKCIS framework “Education for a Connected World” (EFACW) that covers knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes across eight strands of our online lives from early years right through to eighteen. These outcomes or competencies are mapped to age and progressive. The statements included guide educators as to the areas they should be discussing with children as they develop their use of online technology.

On its own EFACW is a useful guide but also a challenge if you have to turn those statements into a learning opportunity. That’s where ProjectEVOLVE comes in; it’s the perfect way not only to navigate the framework but resources every single one of the 350 plus statements. 

Introducing Project Evolve

Watch our short introductory video on how projectEVOLVE can help you.

How do I use the toolkit?

You can search the vast website via a number of different ways to suit your preferred requirements. These include:

  • Keyword
  • Strand
  • Key Stage
  • Age
  • Theme

From there you'll be able to access the content suitable for your particular focus. Or just dive into the resources and filter out what you need, it's that easy! 

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