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ProjectEVOLVE EDU is part of the training offer that SWGfL provides to teachers and professionals who work across a variety of youth settings. The extent of SWGfL’s offering demonstrates the importance of online safety training and the vastness of the digital landscape.  

Online safety is an extensive and sometimes complicated topic. Still, it should be a priority for those who work with young people, especially as platforms continue to develop and new technology emerges.

Online harm comes in many forms and teachers and professionals need to be equipped to help safeguard and inform those in their care about the following topics and issues (and much more): 

  • Digital Wellbeing  

  • Online Bullying  

  • Harassment  

  • Harmful Content 

  • Misinformation  

  • Explicit Content  

  • Privacy and Security  

  • Cyber Security  

For children and young people, teachers and trusted professionals are their first port of call when it comes to this type of information, so it’s important to keep updated and in the know about new developments. Online safety training is here to help, and with ProjectEVOLVE EDU, professionals can receive continuous guidance and support from our renowned experts.  

ProjectEVOLVE EDU - A Need for Further Support 

The platform was primarily designed in response to the lack of training within schools and colleges, as seen by our own research. Our experts designed EDU with the understanding that lack of training can lead to less informed communities, which only enhances the damage and negative impact of online harm.  

We understand that training can be time consuming, but as seen by our guidance, ProjectEVOLVE EDU allows professionals to develop their knowledge in their own time. The platform is simple to use and ensures that professionals can safeguard young people against significant and detrimental online harm, whilst informing them about how to react to potentially harmful scenarios.  

The digital landscape is evolving and as such, we implore the utilisation of online safety training, so communities can become confident and more aware about the negative aspects of the online world. 

To gain a better understanding of online harm, please visit our website and explore our variety of guidance, resources, and services.  

How can I access ProjectEVOLVE EDU?  

To learn more about ProjectEVOLVE EDU and its essential features, you and your staff can start the training experience with a preview of the Copyright & Ownership strand, which can start you on your path towards the full training subscription.  

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