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In this guidance, we’ll be taking you through how to use ProjectEVOLVE EDU by answering some of your key questions. These answers will help you to understand more about the platform, how you can use each feature and why it is important to do so.  Follow the ProjectEVOLVE EDU FAQs to learn more! 

Why should my organisation use ProjectEVOLVE EDU?  

ProjectEVOLVE EDU is part of SWGfL’s Online Safety training offering, which supports consistent understanding of the digital landscape and online harm. It’s vital that professionals keep up to date with online harm, trends, and resources, to ensure that they can safeguard and better inform the young people they work with; this is particularly important as we continue to see the prevalence of technology such as AI and as other technology and developments to platforms continue to emerge. To learn more about the importance of online safety training, you can read additional guidance, or visit our website

How can I access ProjectEVOLVE EDU?  

Despite the name, you do not need to be subscribed to ProjectEVOLVE to access the EDU platform. ProjectEVOLVE EDU is for any teacher, member of staff or professional who works with young people and who wishes to improve their understanding of online safety, technology and digital literacy. To access ProjectEVOLVE EDU, click on ‘Start your EDU experience’ on our page, and then create an SWGfL account. From there, you and your team can access the preview of the Copyright and Ownership strand or access all features through the full subscription.  

Who is allowed to manage ProjectEVOLVE EDU? 

Like many of our tools, ProjectEVOLVE EDU requires an account administrator who can then add users (in this case, colleagues) to the platform, to allow access to all features. Administrators can also oversee and manage organisation analytics. Whoever the first person in your team is to access or subscribe to ProjectEVOLVE EDU will become an account administrator.  

How do I invite my staff to use ProjectEVOLVE EDU? 

Once you create an SWGfL account, access EDU, and become an account administrator for your organisation, you can then invite your staff to use ProjectEVOLVE EDU.  

To add your staff, create an account for them in ‘User Manager’ - the following process will then happen: 

  • An email will be sent to the user to invite them to setup their account. 

  • The user will click the link, where they will activate their account and create their password. 

  • They will then be able to login and select ProjectEVOLVE EDU from the account dashboard. 

Following this process, users within your organisation will be able to access ProjectEVOLVE EDU features and improve their knowledge of core online safety and digital literacy topics, at their own pace.  

How do I and my team use ProjectEVOLVE EDU?  

At the start of the ProjectEVOLVE EDU platform, you are taken to the ProjectEVOLVE EDU homepage, where you can start the experience with ‘Video Resources’. Video resources is the key feature used to improve progress within the platform. To choose video resources, you will be provided with a number of topic strands (if subscribed to the full version). Click on the topic strand you wish to learn more about and then work through related video resources. You will need to watch each video until the end to improve your progress.  

Once you or other users have watched all video resources within a chosen strand, knowledge maps can then be accessed, and following the completion of knowledge maps, accreditation will then be achieved.  

You will know how progress is developing throughout the tool thanks to progress bars, individual analytics and organisational analytics. On the knowledge maps page, you will see if you can access a knowledge map related to a chosen topic due to additional progress bars.  

We encourage you and your users to explore the platform as much as possible, so you can discover and fully understand each feature. 

How can I subscribe to the full version of ProjectEVOLVE EDU? 

If you haven't already, you can subscribe to the full version of ProjectEVOLVE EDU to allow you and your team to access all of the platform's features. You can subscribe at any time and do not need to complete the Copyright and Ownership preview. Subscription is simple and can take place through our website. Find out more about the subscription here

How can I find out more about ProjectEVOLVE EDU?  

Our website highlights why ProjectEVOLVE EDU was developed and the benefits of the platform, alongside an overview of each feature. From our website you can also find several guidance pieces which will help you to fully understand this innovative training platform. 

Once you access the platform, more information can be found through the About section, and further FAQs can also be found. 

We also recommend subscribing to the SWGfL newsletter or SWGfL emails, which will feature ProjectEVOLVE EDU guidance. To find out even more about this platform and our other products and services, you and your team can follow SWGfL across X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team

Visit our website to learn more about ProjectEVOLVE EDU