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ProjectEVOLVE EDU consists of many features to provide an accessible and enjoyable training experience for teachers, school staff, and professionals who work within youth settings. The platform features video resources, quizzes, knowledge maps, and accreditation; and it’s the accreditation feature that you will learn more about within this piece.   

Each feature has been designed by our online safety experts who have made an impact within the digital landscape, and the accreditation feature is considered to be the most wanted feature within the ProjectEVOLVE EDU platform.  

How can I Achieve ProjectEVOLVE EDU Accreditation? 

Professionals can advance through the platform by choosing a topic strand of their choice, completing video resources, and then interacting with knowledge maps. Once knowledge maps have been completed, professionals receive accreditation, highlighting that their knowledge of key online safety topics has improved due to their engagement with the ProjectEVOLVE EDU material.  

Why is ProjectEVOLVE EDU Accreditation Important? 

Accreditation gives professionals confidence around key areas, helping them to understand that they now can better inform the young people they work with. Professionals can also let others know about this achievement to further highlight their commitment towards online safety training whilst encouraging others to review their practice in response to online harm and digital literacy.  

Furthermore, professionals can highlight accreditation to their employers or online safety assessors, to showcase that their approach towards online safety has improved, which in turn will have a positive impact on wider practices that can be instilled across the community.  

Accreditation demonstrates achievement and is an important feature to evidence progress and improvement of knowledge. It can be utilised in many ways but can particularly help to identify professionals who are taking a stance against online harm and who wish to better safeguard those in their care.  

To begin your journey towards the ProjectEVOLVE EDU accreditation, you and your team can explore the platform.  

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