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Since ProjectEVOLVE released in 2019, we have seen first-hand the importance of ensuring professionals are fully equipped to educate their students about digital development and online safety awareness.ProjectEVOLVE EDUFrom the engagement and data we have seen, it is clear that online safety is becoming more established within organisational settings and as such, the requirement for more professional learning is becoming evident.

Our own research has consistently shown that effective staff training is lacking in a large proportion of schools which can greatly impact performance in meeting acceptable online safety standards. To support organisations with this, ProjectEVOLVE EDU has been developed to assist professionals with their training needs, providing an online video training platform that guides them through essential areas, tests understanding and details progress.

How is This Different to ProjectEVOLVE? 

ProjectEVOLVE is primarily used to educate and engage students, whereas ProjectEVOLVE EDU is a professional-only platform, used for training purposes. The format of ProjectEVOLVE EDU is entirely different, with online video training (delivered by our experts) making up the core of the materials. These videos cover a wide array of strands and are supported by additional features such as:      

ProjectEVOLVE EDU can work hand in hand with ProjectEVOLVE. Each strand is designed to empower educators with their own understanding through a variety of topics which can go on to guide how these are then better delivered to students.

How Can ProjectEVOLVE EDU Support Our School?

Professional training is something that schools have been lacking due to limited resources and time. ProjectEVOLVE EDU empowers staff to educate themselves on some of the core learning topics for their students, so they can feel more confident and in the know. As well as this, ProjectEVOLVE EDU can support with:

Ken Corish - ProjectEVOLVE Lead said: 

ProjectEVOLVE EDU stands as a testament to SWGfL's commitment to fostering a safer and more knowledgeable digital environment in schools. By empowering educators with specialised professional development, the platform ensures that schools are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the digital age, ultimately contributing to a safer and more informed online community.