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A simple, free to use online tool that shows you what you need to do to make the use of technology safer for your children

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A Free Online Safety Self-Review Tool

Online Compass is an e safety self-review tool, designed for any organisation or group that works with children and young people, including:

  • a nursery, early years or childminding setting
  • a library
  • a youth club or youth services group
  • an arts group or sports club
  • a children's centre
  • a children's residential setting
  • a voluntary group
  • a work placement setting
  • any other organisation that works with children

If you are from a school, 360 degree safe may be more suitable.

Designed by award-winning Online Safety experts

Online Compass is a free to use, powerful internet safety self-review tool designed by award-winning online safety experts, that simplifies a difficult task. It maps where you are in terms of keeping the children and staff in your group or setting safe on the internet, charts your progress and navigates a course to a safer online environment. 

Project co-financed by the Euoropean Union

A great intuitive resource, the Online Compass is simple and easy to use. It provides clear guidance and resources to support online safety in a range of organisations. I like the ability to dip in and out of areas and share judgments. The colour coding of statements provides clarity while the visual data helps to prioritise actions. I would recommend the Online Compass for any group working with children and young people to support safer working practice. The best part, it’s FREE!

Val Hurley - ICT Consultant, Lemur Consultancy

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Following the success of the 360 degree safe, the e-safety self-review tool for schools, SWGfL identified a need to support a wider range of organisations that work with children with a similar free of charge self review tool.  

The tool has already helped hundreds of organisations to improve internet safety. They have found the tool easy to use and understand, and its success has been recognised in being shortlisted for two major national awards – the ISPA Awards and the Nominet Awards.