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A unique Cyber and Information Security review designed specifically for schools

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We all need to keep data and systems secure, but it can be difficult to know where our strengths and weaknesses are. Experience tells us that schools and colleges want security advice that is less general, and tailored to them.

There's a wide range of organisations that claim to be able to help but many are expensive and lack the expertise to really help schools improve. SWGfL has supported schools and colleges for over 20 years, including with our award-winning 360 safe online safety review tool. We're a not-for-profit charity so you know you're not paying to make profit for shareholders.

Our Cyber and Information Security review is designed specifically for schools, and is based on many years of working closely with schools and the knowledge of how schools work. SWGfL are leaders in keeping everyone free from harm online and were commissioned by the Department for Education in 2021 to produce a self-review tool for schools in England.

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