Online Safety skills for digitally competent schools

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‘Old school’ online safety training has typically focused on the harms that children encounter with a relentless stream of issues and threats.  This is only part of the picture

Despite it being an obligation that “Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure that all staff undergo safeguarding and child protection training (including online safety)” in England, staff training remains consistently one of the weakest aspects with 41% of schools having no staff training to date around online safety.

We need to give those working with children the right digital skills and understanding to enable to them to adequately support and protect their children.

Digitally competent schools should have digitally competent staff. 

UK Safer Internet Centre                    European Commission

EdifyLearn is different

  • Defines 13 digital skills and competencies that all staff should have covering
    • Safeguarding Children Online
    • Safeguarding themselves and the school online
    • Improving Children’s online resilience
  • Unique online content gives staff these skills at their own pace
  • Once confident, staff can assess their understanding and receive certification
  • Produce reports to track the performance and progress of all staff

Edify develops the digital capability and safeguarding understanding of your staff

How EdifyLearn Works

  • Highlights what competency all staff should have
  • Unique self directed online content
  • Compiles and presents personalised professional development content
  • Tracks progress of all staff

Why EdifyLearn?

  • Digital skills for a digitally competent school
  • Certificated Professional Development
  • Better protects your children and meets obligations
  • Saves time
  • Preserves valuable professional development time

If you would like to get early visibility to the Beta Version of EdifyLearn make sure you get in touch with us by following the link below.

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Please note: Edify is a partnership between SWGfL, Peritus and Senso.   For anyone registering for Beta Access, we will need to share your details between the 3 organisations in order to create and fulfil your request.