Sophos Security Products

Save up to 70% on Sophos security products and protect your school from £1.15 per device per annum.

We recognise that budgets are tight, so we've secured an exceptional price on Sophos Endpoint Security Advanced and Sophos Intercept X software. As well as award-winning anti-virus protection you also benefit from application control, data loss prevention and firewall protection in one easy-to-use solution.

We applied the same theory behind procuring your connectivity, buy in bulk, make savings, pass them on to our schools. Simple. Clever.

Sophos Security Products

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Technical Support

For Technical Support please register on the SophServ website

Please ensure that initial access requests to SophServ state the following as your school name: SWGFL / School Name

You can contact Sophos Technical Support 24 x 7 x 365 as follows:

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Allison Clark, Network Manager at Worle Community School in Weston-Super-Mare.

“The Sophos offer via SWGfL is fantastic. I was literally about to purchase through my normal channel but for the price of one year, I now have three and a half years' cover.”  

from £3.45 per device for 3 year licence

If you are a school buying on an individual basis you are likely to pay higher prices, for example a primary school buying 50 licences is likely to pay on average £13 per licence, a secondary school buying 500 licences would spend approximately £8.75 per licence (you can see already how buying in bulk is better right?). We have bought, well, A LOT of licences and we are able to pass them on to our customers for £3.45 a licence AND... the licence is valid for 3 years from the date you purchase this means an average of £1.15 per year per device!

Of course, we haven’t sacrificed quality for price and the licences come with a Enhanced Support Package which is valid for the term of the licence, so if you need some help installing it or a problem arises that you need rectifying, you benefit from true 24-hour support provided by a globally managed team every day of the year. You can contact Sophos engineers for one-to-one support by telephone, email or web, and access thousands of technical articles via the Knowledgebase on

At one time the goal of school technical support staff was to lock down systems to prevent their use. That’s no longer the case. Today, they must protect school systems and network against a barrage of known and emerging threats to ensure their continued use. They must enable education - within unique time and resource constraints.

Keeping data safe and secure

The Sophos products can help schools to demonstrate outstanding behaviour when inspected by Ofsted inspect e-safety and e-safeguarding procedures.

The Sophos products make it easy to implement policies around the use of sensitive and confidential information, and with the Data Protection Suite, ensure that any data on laptops is stored in an encrypted manner, with this managed via one management console.

Tailored for schools

Sophos has a lower impact on machines than other antivirus products, which is especially helpful in education where some hardware can be older and less powerful, reducing the impact on the speed of the machine, leaving staff and pupils free to focus on the important stuff, like learning!

Saving you time

Sophos requires far less time to manage, than other antivirus products, as SophosLabs automatically classifies data and applications, without an administrator needing to keep on top of application checksums and manually updating them, leaving your technical support staff free to focus on the important stuff!

Outstanding support as standard

Enhanced Support Package is the highest level of support available to Sophos customers and includes defined levels of service. You benefit from 24-hour support provided by a globally managed team every day of the year. You can contact our engineers for one-to-one support by email, or use our web-based Support Portal and knowledgebase.