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Information Security and Data Protection in today's hyper connected world can be daunting - We can help

With threats like ransomware, reports of huge companies being hacked, and GDPR having landed in May 2018, there's a lot to think about.

As a charitable trust dedicated to the safe and secure use of technology in education, we've been providing support, tools and services around Online Safety for 15 years. We're now building information security and data protection support, tools and services in the same way.

Schools need Support with Information Security and Data Protection

We know that some school staff and other professionals often find it difficult to manage information security (or 'cyber security') and data protection in an ever-changing digital world.

Every school wants good safety and security. So does every business, every charity, every public sector organisation. But this is challenging amidst funding pressures, exam changes and staff development and recruitment frustrations.

In our 2018 annual report into UK schools' online safety policy and practice, 30% of schools reported having no Data Protection Policy. Whilst this is an improvement on 2017, with GDPR now in place there is more to be done to protect data and ensure privacy expectations are met.

Research commissioned by Sophos in late 2017 found that 54% of organisations suffered a malware attack, and 77% of organisations were running up-to-date anti-virus software at the time.

Recent tests by SE Labs have ranked Sophos number 1 for endpoint protection.

Your Security Partner

We've been working with schools since 1999 to help improve the safety and security of technology use in education. In addition, we are a charity and one of the three partners in the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Information Security & Data Protection Products

We're developing a range of products to help schools with information security and data protection. You can already benefit from our Sophos aggregated pricing deal, access the 360data self review tool, and register for Friendly WiFi below.

  • Great Deals on Sophos Security Software

    At SWGfL we've been working with Sophos since 2011 to bring their market-leading security products to schools at reduced prices. To date, buying through this arrangement has saved schools an estimated £1 million.

    And Sophos has recently been ranked number 1 in tests by SE Labs.

    You can get both on-premise and cloud (Sophos Central) products through the SWGfL deal:  Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced, Exploit Prevention and Intercept X, for desktops as well as servers.

    Access SWGfL Sophos Discounts

  • 360data - The Data Security & Policy Self-Review Tool

    360data is part of the 360 degree family of self-review tools. Launched in 2016, and updated in March 2018, the tool can help schools, academies and other organisations review certain aspects of their posture, policies and procedures around data protection.

    Access 360data - The Data Security & Policy Self-Review Tool

  • Friendly WiFi

    Does your school offer WiFi access to parents, students and visitors? Join the Friendly WiFi Scheme with SWGfL.

    The ‘Friendly WiFi’ scheme has been designed and developed in collaboration with the Registered Digital Institute and The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).

    The initiative is supported by Government and the UK’s main WiFi providers after concerns were raised by leading child safety experts, that children and young people were being put at risk of viewing and accessing inappropriate material when using public WiFi.

    ‘Friendly WiFi’ has been created to ensure that businesses who offer their customers public WiFi and who wish to join the scheme to become a ‘Friendly WiFi’ venue, have had their WiFi services verified by an independent body to verify that the correct filters are in place to block anyone from accessing inappropriate material.

    How to join Friendly WiFi

Services & Resources

We have developed a range of services and resources to help schools with information security and data protection. Talk to us about an information security and/or data protection review, and access our 'password management' and 'InfoSec checklist' resources below:

  • Information Security Review

    We can undertake a review of your information security and/or your data protection policies, processes and practices.

    We've developed an approach that breaks information security down into 30 aspects, and we work through each at a pace to suit you, allowing us to:

    • involve multiple stakeholders from across the organisation
    • gather information to help inform policies and develop good practice
    • identify strengths and weaknesses
    • prioritise any improvements and provide any required support to move from the existing status to an improved security provision
  • Password Management & Security Resource
  • Information Security Checklist


At SWGfL we can provide a range of information security and data protection training, tailored to your needs. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements - call us on 0345 601 3203 or email

Information security, or InfoSec, isn’t new. But some of the challenges above are putting it into a new context. For example, whilst the Data Protection Act 1998 was based on the premise that you were compliant until you were proven not to be, GDPR puts the onus on you to demonstrate compliance.

Do schools need to think about InfoSec any differently to everyone else? Well, yes. Similarly to online safety, InfoSec is different in schools for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Most of your users are under 18, and are not employees of the organisation

  2. You process a lot of personal data, including images of children

  3. You process a lot of ‘special category’ (or sensitive) personal data, including medical records of children

  4. You may work very closely with other schools (as part of a Multi Academy Trust or a federation), so you need to share, but still maintain individual systems and boundaries

  5. You may allow (or even promote) the use of personal devices (or BYOD) on the network, which brings a whole new set of security issues

So what can you do? We’ll be bringing you a range of InfoSec tools, services and support over the coming months. For European Cyber Security Month, SWGfL has started work on a range of things we think schools will find useful.

Let us know your security needs

Tell us what your requirements are and we will work with you to deliver the services you require:


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