Nowadays, fast reliable broadband is essential

Our friendly Schools Internet Service specialists are always on hand to provide clear, honest and simple advice and guidance to help you get the service that's right for you.

Choosing the Right Broadband Solution

Better Internet means you can accommodate more devices, ensuring access to learning resources on any device, anytime, anywhere, without disruption. With superfast broadband available from £1724.31* per annum get in touch to find the right solution for you:

Connectivity Solution Download Upload Ideal For

A cost effective high speed internet service over a standard BT phone line

Small Primary

A cost effective high speed internet service offering increased bandwidth

Small Primary

A widely-available superfast broadband solution harnessing the power of fibre optic technology

Large Primary and Secondary

A super-fast broadband solution building on the power of FttC and offering guaranteed bandwidth

Large Primary and Secondary

A fibre optic connection that gives you dedicated and high speed access to the Internet

Large Secondary and Clusters

Uses satellite to deliver connectivity to schools in extreme rural areas

Rural Primary


Widely available as it is delivered over a standard BT phone line*, ADSL Max provides download speeds of Up to 8Mbps, which gives you access to the internet and is a good choice for small schools who are light users of the internet.

*We can also provide a phone line if you do not already have one installed

Suitable For:

Primary schools and backup connectivity.

If FttC becomes available to your school during your contract period you can upgrade your connection for free.

Bonded ADSL

Availability of affordable, capable connectivity infrastructure can still be inconsistent in some locations. A Bonded solution from SWGfL ensures that schools in hard to reach areas aren't excluded from taking advantage of faster speeds and the benefits that come with it. Bond ADSL Max, ADSL 2 or even FttC to give your school a connectivity boost!

Suitable For:

Primary schools and backup connectivity. Especially those in hard to reach areas with low bandwidth or connectivity "black spots".


The next generation of ADSL, ADSL 2+ will give your school download speeds of Up to 20Mbps. Great for small schools who are still light users of the internet but using more media rich resources in the classroom, with a busy office or administrative team.

Suitable For:

Primary schools and backup connectivity.

If FttC becomes available to your school during your contract period you can upgrade your connection for free.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FttC)

FttC (Fibre to the Cabinet) harnesses the power of fibre optics to deliver a fast broadband connection over a standard BT phone line. This means that schools can benefit from the latest broadband technology over existing infrastructure without worrying about additional costs.

Suitable For:

Small to medium primary schools.

Download the FttC Factsheet.

Superfast broadband at its best

Ethernet over Superfast BroadBand (EoSFBB) offers download speeds of Up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of Up to 20Mbps. The service is delivered on a dedicated line and assures uncontended and guaranteed bandwidth on Up to 20Mbps upload and download.

Suitable For:

Primary schools, small secondary schools and backup connectivity.

If EoSFBB is not available to your school at this time we can normally provide an ADSL connection; if EoSFBB becomes available during your contract period you can upgrade your connection for free.

Download the EoSFBB Factsheet.

Leased Line Fibre

For schools looking to secure a first class solution on which to build a technology infrastructure capable of meeting growing needs now and into the future, a leased line solution is a great choice.

With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, Leased Lines deliver guaranteed symmetric bandwidth, adding significant value to schools by allowing them to take advantage of online learning tools and content as well as facilitating BYOD, and cloud services.

Suitable For:

Large or high usage primary schools and secondary schools.


Slow or unreliable internet can be a drain on schools and inhibit use of the internet altogether. Even more so if your school is in a very remote location.

Satellite offers schools an alternative to limited <1Mbps connections and gives pupils and staff a service that opens up the internet in a new way.

Suitable For:

Primary schools in remote locations.

*Terms and conditions apply

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What's Included?

Our service comes with a large number of features as standard, click an item to discover more:

  • Connectivity

    We provide you with expert advice and guidance to support you in selecting the best available connection for your school.

    We focus on the needs of the school, giving you confidence in the solution you select, and saving time and effort when looking for a supplier you can trust.

  • Reliability by Design

    Our dual mirrored data-centres in TeleHouse and TeleCity in London ensure that in the event of a major issue, your service will still be available.

    We also provide a backup connectivity solution free of charge*

    *Subject to connection type

  • Network Services

    All our connections are supplied with multiple public IP addresses and a managed DNS service. We also provide as many internal IP addresses as you need so no Network Address Translation (NAT) or DHCP is required.

    A high performance router that is preconfigured to your network setup is also provided.

  • Essential Safety

    Our Essential Safety filtering solution blocks access to illegal content including IWF CAIC and Online Terror Content.

    Attempts to access illegal content is proactively monitored with unique links to Police and expert support in an emergency.

    Read more about Filtering and Monitoring

  • Essential Security

    Centralised industry standard firewalls protect all network services (e.g. Cisco, Juniper), and schools can customise firewall rules without the overhead of running a local firewall device.

    Intrusion detection and prevention systems provide unprecedented level of protection against malicious attacks such as DDoS.

  • Service Standards

    Our service is accredited to ISO2700, we provide incident management, business continuity and disaster recovery with a 99.9% availability target.

    We provide 24hr turn around for standard change (via ESI) and emergency changes more quickly, our technical Engineers evaluate complexity and risk before implementing any change.

    Service Change/Fix Targets:

    • Priority 1 - 4 hours
    • Priority 2 - 8 hours
    • Priority 3 - 24 hours
    • Priority 4 - 72 hours

    We also have out of hours support for logging outages.

  • ESI Portal

    Our ESI Portal enables you to manage support calls, technical changes and service options through a secure, user-friendly dashboard with simple self-registration process.

  • Change & Service Management

    Technical changes: engineering changes to configuration, usually free of charge.

    Transactional changes: adding to or enhancing services.

    Strategic change: management of complex or bespoke changes.

  • Service Monitoring & Reporting

    As well as conducting over 10,000 proactive checks on our network every minute, we provide you with easy to use tools showing real time network utilisation statistics.

    You can also subscribe to notifications for incidents and planned maintenance via text or email.

  • Filtering

    We provide a number of filtering solutions and options including user-based filtering managed by your school.

    SSL interception inspects all Google search results whilst our Active Adapt Content Filter scans the content of every page, not just the URL.

    We can also configure hierarchical and delegated management for Multi Academy Trusts and Federations to control filtering at organisation level and/or establishment level.

    Read more about Filtering

  • Education Services

    Included in our service is access to a range of teaching and learning online content including:

    • Audio Network offering over 60,000 production level music tracks
    • Image Bank which includes images from Royal Collection Trust & the British Library
    • Over 60 high quality online education resources including History of Computing, Swiggle, and Polar Exploration
    • Membership to South West Teacher Network providing you with the latest information and CPD opportunities
  • Online Safety Services

    As lead partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, we are leaders in the field of Online Safety.

    We work with you to provide up-to-the-minute advice and preferential access to a range of internationally recognised Online Safety services and resources including policy templates, BOOST, 360Safe, 360Data, Online Safety Audit, and Training Days.

    Read more about Online Safety

Need help choosing?

Our friendly Schools Internet Service specialists are always on hand to provide clear, honest and simple advice and guidance to help you choose a connectivity solution to suit your vision for technology.

If you want to discuss your requirements with us so we can provide a bespoke quotation, please get in touch.

"You can plan the most amazing lesson in the world, but if all the children can’t get online, it’s a waste of time! SWGfL’s Superfast Broadband solution gave us extra bandwidth and also reduced our annual charges" - Compton CE Primary, Plymouth
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