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Terms Applying to New Services

Proposals are offered under the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement relating to the provision of the SWGfL Schools Internet Service of June 18th, 2010 between South West Grid for Learning Trust Limited and RM Education plc. In addition the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Proposals are subject to an order being placed for the full scope of the proposal and all services being ordered simultaneously;
  2. Proposals are subject to contract with telecommunications providers;
  3. Proposals are subject to a minimum term as defined in the proposal;
  4. Telecommunications prices and availability are subject to site survey; set up charges may increase to reflect any excess construction charges identified by the telecommunications provider following site survey; an administration fee may be charged for any service not delivered as a result of excess construction charges being identified; the overall price may vary as a result of any service not being delivered due to excess construction charges;
  5. Proposals are subject to any variations in telecommunications prices beyond the control of SWGfL or RM, for example cost increases due to industry regulation, increased utility charges etc. Any such cost increases will be passed through at cost price;
  6. Any hardware costs are linked to the US dollar exchange rate. If variation in this exchange rate impacts the cost of hardware procurement by more than 10% then the proposal is subject to change;
  7. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide appropriate space, power and environmental conditions for any new hardware supplied as part of this offer;
  8. Any future increases in bandwidth may incur additional setup and rental charges;
  9. Implementation lead time is subject to agreement with telecommunications providers;
  10. The boundary of the SWGfL Core Service will be defined as the LAN port on the CPE (router) at each access site at which the SWGfL connection terminates;
  11. All prices quoted exclude VAT; and
  12. Payment terms are twenty one days from date of invoice.
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