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Remotely access your school network, as if you were on site.

Woman works on her laptop at homeWhat is SSL Connect

SSL Connect is a web based tool, which allows users with Managed Devices to remotely access their school network, as if they were on site. This means that they can remotely and securely access file stores, shared areas, network servers and even SIMs.

Key Features & Benefits


Our service uses SSL (secure socket layer) to ensure that any data between the schools network and the users machine is encrypted. The benefit of SSL encryption is that if any traffic were intercepted, it would be unreadable. This keeps information such as pupil data, staff information, performance measures and other key reports etc. safe and secure.

Cost effective

We know that budgets are becoming ever constricted and that price is crucial to schools. SSL Connect is priced on the number of users and is sold in license packs. For primary schools, licensing 5 users costs as little as £25 per annum and for a secondary school licensing 10 users, £150 per annum. The service is sold on a 12 month minimum term.

Licensed on concurrent users

Users are licensed on a concurrent basis. This is the total number of users likely to access the service at any one time. The advantage here is that network managers do not need to worry about licensing specific or all members of staff. They simply purchase a license pack, which acts as a pool of licenses. Any member of staff can access the service provided they have been provisioned in RM Unify by the network admin and that the total number of concurrent users does not exceed the school allowance. If SSL Connect is to be used as part of a larger Business Continuity plan then we would recommend having enough licences to cover the key member of staff and an adequate bandwidth on your connectivity.

Cloud hosted

SSL Connect is hosted in the cloud with no hardware to install on site. Users simply install an add-on to their web browser and log in to RM Unify using their AD credentials. Because everything is hosted in the cloud, schools don't have the headache of hosting equipment on site, with the added overheads of licensing, support, power and configuration.


Like our hosted firewalls and RM SafetyNet filtering, the platform is hosted on resilient hardware. In the event of an outage on one part of the platform, the resilient server will take over. This ensures that any down time to schools is kept to a minimum.

Why Buy From Us?

Single provider

Keeping your services under one provider is an easy way to manage costs and support. VPN services will be invoiced alongside your internet connectivity, schools have a clear view of the various component products and services that make up not just their internet connection, but their complete online environment.

Developed for schools

Many SSL VPN services are developed with enterprise / businesses in mind, often requiring the installation of software/hardware clients and the use of separate passwords. We've developed a solution with schools in mind, ensuring they can login via a web based interface (RM Unify) and that they can use their AD credentials as opposed to remembering a new user name and password.

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