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What other Services can I get?

Along with our tailored Internet solutions, we also offer a range of Optional Services to support your school and help you get the most out of your connection:

Business Continuity

  • Connectivity Backup

    Provides failover to FttC/ADSL circuit in the event of a failure on the main circuit, and can be included free of charge for many schools*.

    If you wish to order a connectivity backup service for your current SWGfL connection, download the order form

    *to be eligible for the free of charge service you must be a secondary school or a primary school with over 400 learners. The main circuit must be delivered directly by SWGfL, with a managed router, dynamic IP routing, and an available port. Other terms also apply.

  • Telephone Lines

    With a South West Grid for Learning broadband internet connection, your establishment gets a safe, secure, high-speed connection to the Internet, tailored for use within an educational environment.

    If you wish to get the ball rolling on your ADSL or FttC installation, please complete our site survey to enable us to plan your installation:

    ADSL and FttC School Site Survey

  • Sophos Security

    We supply a range of low cost, highly effective anti-virus solutions from Sophos providing extensive virus protection for your workstations and network servers.

    Customers can access our special pricing of these products through our Sophos page.

  • Remote Backup

    A straight forward, safe and secure remote data backup and restore service designed for education.

    RM RemoteSafe allows you to automate the backup of your important data to a secure offsite location. In the event of an emergency the data is instantly available and can be recovered simply - ensuring that impact to your school operation is kept to a minimum.

    Find out more about RM RemoteSafe.

Email & Productivity

  • SSL Connect

    SSL Connect is a web based tool which allows users with Managed Devices to remotely access their school network as if they were on site.

    Find out more about SSL Connect.

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Online productivity suite which provides anytime, anywhere access to Microsoft apps, email, calendar, contacts, and more.

  • Google Apps for Education

    Online productivity suite which provides anytime, anywhere access to Google apps, email, calendar, contacts, and more.

  • SMTP Store & Forward

    SMTP Store & Forward is a value for money solution suitable for schools who host their own email platform, for example Microsoft Exchange Server.

    The email feed delivers all mail sent to your schools domain directly to your on-site mail server, and in the process SWGfL removes spam and viruses to ensure you receive a safe and clean email feed. And because the SMTP feed cleans outbound as well as inbound mail, you can be sure that the recipients of your schools mail are protected as well.

    The service is easy to use, quick to install and fully supported by the SWGfL Technical Service desk.

    Find out more about SMTP Store & Forward

Web Services

  • Domain Name Services

    We can register and host your schools domain name (For your website and email service) and fully support you through the transition process.

  • Web Hosting

    Built within our virtual server farm, hosting services provide a 24/7 delivery platform for websites, content, applications and even complete systems.

    A value for money, safe and secure, highly available website hosting service, with a range of options to suit your current and future needs.

    Find out more about Web Hosting.

  • SSL Certificates

    An essential part of many school websites, SSL certificates help to keep you and visitors to your school website secure by encrypting the information between your website and other sites on the internet.

    Find out more about ordering SSL Certificates.

Teaching & Learning

  • Our safer search engine is aimed at supporting KS2 students to locate the very best online content.

    Find out more about Swiggle.

  • NEN Content

    Access to over 60 online resources including Audio Network and exclusive images from the British Library and Royal Collection Trust.

    Find out more about the NEN Content.

  • Continuous Professional Development

    Opportunities for teachers to further develop skills and knowledge in Digital literacy; Computing and Technology across the curriculum.

    Find out more about Continuous Professional Development.

"We have phoned for advice once and received some excellent advice. To know that someone is there who may be able to assist us in an investigation or advise us is very comforting"
- St Bernadette Catholic Secondary, Bristol
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